Digital ads tipped to rake in Bt15 bn for 21% lift this year

Corporate August 31, 2018 01:00


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SPENDING on digital advertising in Thailand is expected to exceed Bt15 billion this year, marking growth of 21 per cent from last year. 

Pacharee Permvongusawa, business unit head - Digital, Publicist One and Committee of Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) (DAAT), said the 2018 forecast of 21 per cent growth comes after digital advertising for the first half of this year came in at Bt6.7 billion. 

For the second half, spending is expected to top Bt8.3 billion.

Facebook, YouTube, Line and online video are the most popular platforms for advertisers. Advertising via Facebook made up around 30 per cent of the digital pie with Bt4.48 billion spent. YouTube accounted for 18 per cent at Bt2.7 billion. 

Line made up 8 per cent at Bt1.14 billion. Videos accounted for 5 per cent of total digital advertising at Bt791 million.

Pacharee said that social media platforms are popular for advertisers as they can provide infor?mation and promote products and services to a mass market. 

Social media in focus 

Businesses will increasingly spend more money to promote their new products on social media, with Twitter and Instagram also among the draw?cards, she said.

The top five categories for digital advertising are automotive at Bt1.72 billion, telecommunica?tions at Bt1.65 billion, skin care and beauty prod?ucts at Bt1.25 billion, banking and financial |services at around Bt1 billion, and daily life prod?ucts.

A key factor that will drive digital advertising growth is the change in consumer behaviour as customers are now familiar with online shopping.

“The association believes that digital advertis?ing still has the potential for high growth and marketers will utilise data management and digi?tal marketing to support their businesses in order to increase the efficiency of their businesses as a whole," said Pacharee.

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) reported that the value of the e-commerce market in Thailand by the end of this year will reach around Bt3 trillion, up 8.5 per cent from last year.