Baby Gift Highlights OMNI Channel Strategy Set To fulfill customer journey in Cashless Society

Corporate August 21, 2018 17:02

By The Nation

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“Baby Gift”, the leader in premium baby products, is reaping the rewards of penetrating the market with its OMNI Channel strategy, which combines both online and offline marketing, to create a seamless customer experience.

This strategy has driven 20 per cent growth for three consecutive years. Baby Gift also applied the concept of Listen to Baby’s Voice as its key message in all its communication. Most of its products have been endorsed by research conducted by leading pediatricians so customers can buy the products with full confidence in their safety and quality.

Aroonsri Piriyalertsak, CEO, Baby Gift (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that currently, parents tend to have no more than two children. The information on the reproduction of Thai mothers in 2018 revealed that mothers have 1.6 children on average. Families from level B to A+ in Thailand tend to have less children; therefore, they carefully select high-quality baby products to ensure their children’s safety. That is why there is so much growth potential in the business of premium baby products.

Baby Gift, which is nine years old, now focuses on partnering with e-commerce websites, which not only serve as a distribution channel, but also enhance the efficiency in managing logistics, finance, transactional fee and after-sale service. The company believes that increasing e-commerce channels will halve delivery costs.

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