Dhanant Subbhadrabandhu, executive vice president of CAT Telecom
Dhanant Subbhadrabandhu, executive vice president of CAT Telecom

CAT highlights shift to integrated digital services

Corporate July 03, 2018 01:00


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CAT Telecom is transforming itself into an integrated digital service provider using its telecommunications infrastructure to support the government’s goals under the Thailand 4.0 technology policy.

The company said the corporate realignment also fits with the ambitions for the Asean Digital Hub and would support the private and state sectors in adopting innovations that will ultimately improve living standards in the country.

Dhanant Subbhadrabandhu, executive vice president of CAT, said the transition involves a shift from the company’s status as a telecom infrastructure provider covering national and international services to an integrated digital service provider. By using its capabilities, CAT aims to drive forward Thailand’s development and bring new technology to improve performance and increase convenience and speed while lowering costs – results that the support Thailand 4.0 policy. Dhanant said.

“CAT is confident in the quality service that we provide and this has been continuously developed in different areas,” Dhanant said.

“We have four underwater cable stations that recently were certified ISO 9001:2015. CAT has been certified ISO in several areas such as the security operations centre, the Nontaburi satellite station, the data centre, and the CAT contact centre.

“Moreover, it received the Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards from Frost and Sullivan, a world-class research and consultancy firm, continuously in the IT security services, cloud, and smart city fields. We take pride in being able to continuously develop and maintain our standard and variety of our services.”

Dhanant said that CAT, as an integrated digital provider, uses its strength as a national service provider to prepare for technology development and bring new technology to serve both public and private sector.

“Apart from telecom infrastructure, including national and international communications services as well as Internet connection, CAT has been preparing government agencies for readiness to serve the people – such as with the smart city projects. CAT has finished a smart city project for Phuket province by a creating high-speed communications network for 1,000 free Wi-Fi stations and 2,000 beacon stations as well as using Long Rang Wide Area network to provide Internet of Things (IoT) services.

In addition, Dhanant said Smart Phuket 4.0 was created to serve residents and tourists with convenience for them to receive important information.

“There is also a telecom infrastructure for new innovation for the development of the province and become the model of smart city for other provinces. CAT is also providing a Big Data sandbox for data analysis on the cloud for government agencies to increase efficiency, convenience, and speed of services for the people.

“CAT is ready to provide applications and to join hands with private sector to support and create new innovation and services rapidly to serve country development.

 “The most important thing is confidence and trust as technology can bring cyber crimes, which can create losses, such as from data loss and a lowering trust. We emphasise on knowledge and protection via the security operation centre, which has experts to look after the network system and ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours. CAT is confident that we will be able to serve both public and private sectors and use technology to serve more effectively,” said Dhanant.


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