Kunsara Sonakul Na Ayudhaya, managing director, Pool
Kunsara Sonakul Na Ayudhaya, managing director, Pool

Pool & Spa Products sets out expansion strategies

Corporate June 22, 2018 01:00


POOL & SPA, a provider of pool-related services, says it is pursuing multi-touch point strategies and aims to add more business partners.

The company plans to refresh its brand to get closer to end users, said Kunsara Sonakul Na Ayudhaya, managing director, Pool & Spa Products Co Ltd.

The company claims to be the leader in the swimming pool business with over 45 years of experience. The company provides services for swimming pools, from design and system installation to selling related equipment, in Thailand. 

“We expect the sales to rocket and reach Bt240 million within the first six months of this year, or 15 per cent growth compared to the same period of last year,” said Kunsara.

“Target customers are the younger generation who seek smaller pools with water exercise equipment. For the rest of the year, our modern showroom in the heart of the city and online marketing will be the main vehicles for the sales drive.”

She said Pool & Spa has its own manufacturing plants that produce high-quality equipment and chemicals for swimming pools and then distributes them both domestically and internationally. In addition, the company also imports quality swimming pool and spa technologies as well as equipment from various countries across the world. 

“With more than 45 years of experience in the business, we have a full team of experienced experts who can provide a wide range of services with full understanding of the swimming pool construction, from designing, constructing, installing systems, and providing after-sale services,” said Kunsara. 

“Therefore, over the years, we have become the top-of-mind swimming pool company with the most comprehensive services for customers in Thailand. Our customers are also very diverse – hotels (15 per cent), condominiums and residential complexes (15 per cent), schools (5 per cent), private pools at homes (15 per cent), and representatives for equipment such as filters, electrical system, water sanitation, and chemicals for swimming pools (50 per cent).

“In the first half of 2018, we have pursued targeted marketing for both B2B customers – such as leading real estate development companies, major chain companies, and dealers – and B2C customers – such as luxury home owners and new generation with purchasing power who plan to have their own homes. The strategy helps us register more than Bt240 million in income or about a 15 per cent increase from the same period of last year,” Kunsara added.

From the company’s studies and surveys, the most popular pools are concrete pools with tiles, overflow system, and sanitation system with salt and Nano UV Tech, and Swim Jet swimming pools. Contributing factors include an increase in awareness for health and exercise, safety, and limited space, Kunsara said. 

“The latter makes building large swimming pools with sufficient length for exercise less feasible, making the Swim Jet pools a new alternative for people who prefer to work out by swimming. Even in smaller pools, counter-current swimming can be a great exercise and help save costs in building them as well,” she said.

“Generally, most people view swimming pool business as a niche-market business with few competitors. However, the swimming pool industry is a fast-growing business with intense competition. Therefore, swimming pool trends ceaselessly develop to respond to the needs of digital-age generation who prefers dynamic decision-making and changes, while being highly individualistic.”

Kunsara said that is why Pool & Spa is “focused on customer-centric strategies in order to create the best customer journey”.

“This starts from our unique individualistic design for each user, with construction by trusted experts, which reduces time wasted on overseeing the job, and the installation of systems, technologies, and accessories for the customers’ needs and use cases, as well as after-sale services that help customers on maintenance and care for the pools. Topping it off, we also help them save costs in the long run,” Kunsara said.

“Moreover, the company emphasizes training on technologies and equipment for swimming pools for our partners, including our dealers and architects, to build a network of strong service providers who in turn will provide better services to their customers. This is our efforts in building systematic collaboration, developing skills, and updating information for swimming pool industry players.

“On the same note, in the second half of this year, we plan to launch a new modern showroom in Soi Sukhumvit 51, our new website, and social media for communication with both partners and end users.”

Kunsara said the company is targeting new generation customers.

“These people are tech-savvy, work in the city, have high purchasing power, and want to own swimming pools for their family members to exercise in,” she said. “We hope that our direct marketing strategies and the expertise of Pool & Spa team will help our company to achieve a total of Bt600 million revenue by the end of this year.”


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