Butterfly woos the health-conscious

Corporate June 18, 2018 01:00

By The Nation

Organic products maker aims its milk-yoghurt at Generation Z, while also going into OEM to attract investors

Butterfly Organic Co Ltd hopes to please a new generation of health-conscious Asians with a new line of organฌic milk-yoghurt and almond milk bearing the Bio-agricert label designating accreditation by an international organic group 

After being in the market for more than seven years, the company can boast sales increases of 710 per cent annually, and is now ready to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) providing organic milk-yoghurt products to offshore investors.

Butterfly Organic this year plans to make a jump in sales to Bt100 million with its new products that intended to satisfy a major demand in the local and international markets, said Asaya Supmanu, CEO of Butterfly Organic Co Ltd, which operates under the brand “Butterfly”. A leader in milk-yoghurt and almond milk products, Butterfly products are certified by Bio-agricert (and accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements or IFOAM).

“It is our goal to grab the attention of the health-centric new generation,” said Asaya. “The company is able to expand its organic cattle farms and factories and increase its manufacturing capacity to meet the demand. Furthermore, Butterfly Organic is also taking the title of an OEM, providing organic milk-yoghurt to investors from all over Asia.”

They recently presented their milk-yoghurt and almond milk products at the ThaiFEX World of Food Asia 2018, where Butterfly drew the attention of a large number of foreign investors. 

The company previously engaged in several below-the-line marketing strategies, going on road shows to directly provide information about its products to potential customers, giving them free samples of milk-yoghurt and almond milk so they could taste for themselves the difference between Butterfly products and regular milk. Other strategies include an online public relation campaign through social media outlets, such as a Facebook page. The online campaign positions Generation Z youngsters to represent Butterfly Organic’s slogan, “Add value rhythm vital, add values to every beat of life”. 

The campaign’s “Team Talent” brings together talented youth eager to use new technology to learn new skills, while being mindful of their health. The company is confident that the campaign will connect with members of a new generation, while helping Butterfly Organic to expand its customer base exponentially.

Butterfly Organic products include four flavours of organic milk – original, vanilla, chocolate and low fat – in a 180ml bottle for Bt38. The organic lines contain milk from cows fed chemical-free organic grass. The company ensures the cattle are well taken care of and happy by allowing them to roam free in vast grassland. The products are free of additives to preserve the natural taste of seasonal milk.

The result is better tasting and safer milk, the company claims. They say organic milk has higher omega-3 and omega-6 content, which help brain functions while lowering the risk of developing coronary artery disease. They also contain vitamins A and E, which improve eyesight and skin. Organic milk products have a high level of antioxidant agents and low level of cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cancer, fat and cholesterol embolism syndrome, according to the company.

Room to grow

“The health-focused market currently has higher and higher demand for organic milk, with value of the ready-to-drink organic milk market estimated at Bt50 billion. Milk-yoghurt and almond milk are alternatives to these products and have a market share of about five per cent,” said Asaya. 

The remaining 95 per cent is made up of dairy and soy milk, he said. Nonetheless, the trend toward healthy eating has positively affected the growth of the alternative milk segment. The company is confident that its organic milk-yoghurt products have room to grow along with the growing demand from a new generation.

Butterfly Organic is also ready to become an OEM, offering its service to produce world-class products certified by Bio-agricert for investors from abroad, particularly in Asia, added Asaya. And Butterfly Organic is proud of its Team Talent, encouraging Thai youth to recognise their self-worth, find their true calling and hone their skills. The company aims to embolden youngsters to strengthen their own values instead of admiring net idols and celebrities.

Thai youth have the ability to make a difference, 

The company points to its Team Talent. Each of its four members has trained themselves in a skill – a magician, a Go player, a dancer, and a producer. The producer can shoot and edit video. Yet, each member is between 12 and 16 years old. 

They’re an inspiration for others their age, said Asaya. Thai youth have the ability to make a difference.