Helander posts at Pandora's new innovative crafting facility in Gemopolis.
Helander posts at Pandora's new innovative crafting facility in Gemopolis.

Pandora inaugurates Triple A

Corporate June 16, 2018 01:00


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A GLOBAL Danish company with a Thai-based production site in Bangkok is celebrating the launch of its new innovative crafting facility in Gemopolis, Bangkok.

The Pandora Production Co Ltd, a division of Denmark-based Pandora, has opened the facility as part of its long-term growth strategy to become “the branded manufacturer that delivers the most personal jewellery experience” by 2020.

The new crafting facility can boast the most advanced technology ever for jewellery production and sets new standards in the global jewellery industry in terms of scale, speed and lead time, said CEO Anders Colding Friis.

The Triple A facility, will enable Pandora to introduce new ways of crafting jewellery and blends the company’s hand-finished craftsmanship with the most advanced technology available.

“We’re very proud to celebrate the official opening of this state-of-the-art crafting facility,” said Colding Friis. “Combined with our new crafting facilities in Lamphun, this facility will play an important role in Pandora’s future plans by strengthening our capabilities and making us more agile. The investment underlines our long-term strong partnership with Thailand and the Thai people.”

Pandora aims to meet the consumer demand for beautiful jewellery at affordable prices, while being agile and able to reduce the lead time in an environmentally-friendly way, he said.

Triple A is an important milestone for Pandora to this end with its “lean manufacturing” and “flow line” cellular manufacturing concepts providing a totally a new approach in jewellery crafting. Operators with different skills are seated together to perform a smooth process flow while improving productivity and quality by real-time monitoring and scheduling.

“With more than 117 million pieces of jewellery shipped out of Thailand last year, Pandora is the largest jewellery company by the numbers of jewellery produced,” said Nils Helander, senior vice president for manufacturing, Thailand.

The facility’s innovative design will allow Triple A to use a complex production set-up. That would enable Pandora to pursue its strategy to expand its product range, and at the same time improve speed and the time from design to finished product that a new piece of jewellery is in the shop, said Helander.

Pandora is among the top European jewellery manufacturers to have invested in Thailand, said Duangjai Asawachintachit, secretary general of the Office of the Board of Investment.

“The company’s investment has tremendously benefited the Thai jewellery industry. The company has helped the industry achieve international standards and created employment for over 13,000 Thai craftspeople, who will subsequently gain new skills, knowledge and technology.”

The industry’s advancement is in line with the government’s official policy to drive the country forward with innovation, investment in value creation and human resources development, said Duangjai.

And the company and industry are building “a worldwide reputation for Thailand and Thai jewellery craftspeople which is consistent with the vision of the Thai government to make Thailand the world’s jewellery hub,” said Duangjai.


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