Ethan Nyholm, founder of STM Goods Australia, shows off one of the company's IT accessories.
Ethan Nyholm, founder of STM Goods Australia, shows off one of the company's IT accessories.

STM Goods eyes 30% sales lift as reach grows

Corporate April 21, 2018 01:00


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STM Goods is aiming for revenue growth of 30 per cent in the Thai market under a plan to have its information technology (IT) accessories sold in more than 300 shops by the end of this year.

Ethan Nyholm, founder of STM Goods Australia, an IT accessories company based in that country, said the IT accessories market in Thailand is enjoying sustained growth, driven by rising demand for such products and the pattern of product replacement as technology evolves.

Nyholm said the company had made a strategic decision to expand its range of accessories, such as premium notebook bags and iPad cases, to support business to business (B2B) transactions in the education segment. Institutions were making steady purchases of products such as tablets for their students’ needs, he said.

“We offer protective and stylish notebook bags and iPad cases, focusing on the premium market with designs and functions that matter,” Nyholm said. 

“These designs are not for the masses but for people that like to take matters into their own hands. The Thai market is one of our top three markets, following Australia, which holds No 1 spot, and India in the Asia Pacific region.” The company distributes IT accessories with a focus on the premium market - with product prices ranging from Bt1,800 to Bt4,500 – through around 250 shops across the country.

 Mitri Nademahakul, the sales manager of STM Goods Thailand, said the company’s main IT accessories are categorised under Stories Collection, for general users; Streets Collection for travellers; Myty Collection for business people; and the Grace Collection for women. Each collection contains a bag, a backpack, a laptop brief and a laptop sleeve, to serve a range of customer needs. 

“Our target group is not the mass market but those who are meticulous on buying the stuff that matters to their needs,” Mitri said.

“We just launched the STM Goods mobile app that allows users to experience products in an incredible, never-before-seen way. Integrated augmented reality technology, including interactive 3D graphics, animation and video, immerses you in an experience that goes far beyond typical 2D on-screen experiences.”

He said the firm’s 30 per cent sales growth target for 2018 would be achieved with the help of a marketing campaign that seeks to build brand awareness via social media, in addition to increasing the number of IT distributors who focus on the premium end.

“We will use social media to reach our target groups, which cover teenagers, university students, general people, travellers, sports people and business people. This market has a significant growth rate as per the growing market for notebooks, tablets and smartphones,” he said.