Bit Studio to launch bit.playground, the first fully interactive Thai playground

Corporate March 30, 2018 01:58

By The Nation

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Bit Studio has announced the upcoming launch of “bit.playground”, the first fully interactive playground in Thailand.

One of Thailand’s leading creative innovators, Bit Studio integrates technology through interactive installations in an effort to create enjoyable experiences. Their aim is to bridge people’s digital experience through creative play and interactive activities.

Bit.playground will feature 10 different play stations in an effort to inspire awareness that technologies are more than just screens.

Some bit.playground stations will be presented in San Francisco and Tokyo in May before being fully launched in Bangkok – at the EmQuartier shopping complexes – for seven months.

Kiattiyot Panichprecha, founder and CEO of Bit Studio Co Ltd is hoping the new landmark will be embraced by both Thais and foreigners.

The company has already enjoyed some international recognition as developer and creative technologist for business (B2B), said Kiattiyot, and decided the next step was to host a bit.playground based on the concept of “creative play”.

Unique interactive experiences in this playground will bring people together in creative ways to interact with technology, said the company is a Thursday press release.

This is the first time has entered the B2C market. Through bit.playground, they are aiming to give people the opportunity to interact with technology in a new way. Attendees can create their own digital art pieces and experience new forms of technology. They hope that bit.playground will also build public awareness of how people should get benefits from technology by interacting with it more creatively – or better yet, create it themselves.

“Most people nowadays think that using technology is just an experience with a touch screen. Parents are encouraged to keep their children out of technology because of concerns about developmental delay in child or ADHD. As adults, they also begin to limit their use of technology,” said Kiattiyot.

“However, technology has a different meaning for – technology is a process of thinking, creating and using information in new ways, creating innovations of various engagements. We want to present this concept to inspire people to gain access to it. One day, Thai people may be the creator by themselves.”

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