AIS up to the task on Internet of Things

Corporate February 22, 2018 01:00


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ADVANCED INFO Service (AIS) yesterday disclosed its vision to become the digital platform for Thais and its role in strengthening the country.

Given that the Internet of Things (IoT) technology will become the key technology in changing the way Thais live and work, AIS is providing two networks specifically designed for the task: Narrow Band IoT and EMTC or Enhanced Machine Type Communication. Both are now available throughout Bangkok and nine other major cities.

The eMTC network is a standard network technology that comes with NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) technology. Both have characteristics to support each other. eMTC can support mobile IoT such as connected cars and new voice-controlled IoT devices while NB-IoT focuses on energy saving of devices and distant communications. 

AIS is also upgrading its mobile data network around the country to support Internet connection speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

The company also announced its goal to become the digital platform for Thais through the launching of three platforms: VDO Platform “Play 365”, VR Content Platform, and the AIS IoT Alliance Programme (AIAP). 

These are specifically designed to support all relevant parties in developing services that emphasise the strengthening of capabilities and also to create new conducive opportunities.

AIS IoT Alliance Programme is a collaboration between members of all parties involved in IoT including public and private organisations and equipment and software developers to engage in exchange of knowledge and capabilities, products, services or solutions. 

The programme is aimed to jointly create the substantial development of the IoT Solution/Business Model, broaden benefits to the public sector and enhance the management of all parties.

The Play 365is a local VDO platform offering opportunities for Thai artists to introduce their creative works without a label. The artists will have access to all Thai consumers and benefit from a proper revenue structure and advertising model that reflects the real number of viewers.

AIS IMAX VR (virtual reality) Content Platform offers opportunities for VR Content developers to create content and submit it to AIS. Activities will be organised continuously to support the developers. 

Speaking at its own “Digital Intelligent Nation 2018” seminar yesterday, AIS chief executive officer Somchai Lertsutiwong said: “In 2017, the overall telecom industry continued to grow by 4 per cent (higher than GDP). Mobile Internet usage surged by 80 per cent over 2016. This year, Thai people are using up to 7.3 gigabytes of data and the amount of time spent on the social networks has doubled to 4.8 hours a day,"

More than 41 million people watch VDO via smartphones and 80 per cent of this is local content. Enterprises use the Cloud as a new standard to enhance operational management. AIS constantly develops its networks and services to meet all demands and has a network investment budget this year of more than between Bt35 billion and Bt38 billion to transform the mobile network into the next generation network.

AIS is also expanding NB-IoT and EMTC networks to support IoT and AIS fiber broadband Internet service. AIS brings new global VDO content such as CNN, Cartoon Network and TVN Channel from South Korea as well as the best local content for the benefits of Thais. 

“AIS is highly confident that digital technology is the forefront solution to sustainable growth. It will help support the goal of the public sector to transform Thailand into achieving Thailand 4.0 and increase the country's competitiveness,” Somchai added.


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