Amazon Web Services promotes five key services for Thailand

Corporate February 14, 2018 01:00


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AMAZON Web Services (Thailand) is stepping up its business focus for the country in areas such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and the digital and media industries. 

The company sees Thailand as an emerging market in which companies are adopting so-called disruptive solutions to support their businesses and improve efficiencies.

Chawapol Jariyawiroj, country manager of Amazon Web Services (Thailand), said that this year the company would provide what it calls five disruptive solutions to support the market. It would offer analytics solutions that help companies understand the behaviour and demands of customers, as well as offer artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in order for companies to improve their performance and help to reduce cost of business by an average of 20-50 per cent. Also in the five solutions are enterprise and workload solutions that provides enterprise resource planning (ERP), and SAP to support the business at an affordable cost. 

Among the company’s offerings this year are Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to support the IOT ecosystem for business. Lastly, mobile and internal workload solutions will enable companies to increase their business efficiency.

“I think that Thailand is an emerging country and one with high potential growth for companies to utilise technology and disruptive solutions, since companies in the digital era need to understand the behaviour of their customers,” Chawapol said. “And these customers want to reach services faster, better, cheaper and at any time, anywhere to support their lifestyles and micro segmentation services.”

He said that Fortune 500 companies need to apply disruptive solutions in order to survive, noting that of the companies on the Fortune 500 list from 1955 to 2015, only 12 per cent of them remain on the list.

“I think that business in the digital era will also focus on various areas to create innovations to support their business,” he said.Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

icluding the speed of adopting new technology as tools to innovate to serve customers better, big- data analytics to under standing what customers really want, technology platform in order to bring innovation to the market faster and cheaper as well as enhanced operation process to help and create value added services to support customers. 

As result, business also create micro segment and provide micro services to support demand or customers. However, around 75 billion devices to be connected to Internet by 2020 or around 9.4 devices per people be part factors to drive and adopt disruptive technology for business," said country manager.