Bhanu Inkawat, left, with Pornsiri Rojmetha pose in front of "Greyhound Cafe London".
Bhanu Inkawat, left, with Pornsiri Rojmetha pose in front of "Greyhound Cafe London".

Greyhound Cafe makes milestone move into Europe

Corporate January 30, 2018 01:00


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GREYHOUND Cafe Co Ltd has announced that it has taken a milestone step in opening its first restaurant in Europe-the “Greyhound Cafe London” in a trendy district of central London, England, with an investment of Bt150 million.

“Greyhound Cafe London” is based on its “Bangkok Cafe” concept as more than a Thai restaurant, offering authentic food and the dining experience enjoyed by Bangkok residents, as well as Thai dishes incorporating creative twists that are unique to Greyhound Cafe. Greyhound Cafe London has already received great reviews from the first visitors. 

Bhanu Inkawat, creative Director, co-founder and one of the main shareholders of Greyhound Co Ltd and Greyhound Cafe Co Ltd, said: “The opening of ‘Greyhound Cafe London’ is an important milestone for Mudman Public Company Limited, a leader in the food, beverage and lifestyle sector and the owner of the ‘Greyhound Cafe’ brand. London’ is our flagship location and the first Greyhound Cafe in Europe. We already have more than 31 branches in Thailand and in the Asian region. Our new outlet takes a Thai lifestyle brand to Europe and gives us great pride as we become one more Thai organisation putting the Thai flag on the global stage. We aim to help reinforce the reputation of Thai food and lifestyle.”

“With our opening, we are seeing around 350 Londoners and other residents in the city visiting Greyhound Cafe London, daily. We are especially happy that there is a very high table turnover of over four a day. We have received a lot of positive feedback from patrons and the Thai dishes with creative twists that are unique to Greyhound Cafe are proving to be very popular. The five best-selling items on the food menu are Scallop Pad Thai, Chicken Holy Basil Chilli Bomb served with Hom Mali rice and crispy-edge fried egg, Greyhound ‘Single Bone’ Wings, Hot Oil Pork Knuckle, and Complicated Noodle. And the five best-selling dishes on the dessert menu are Red Rubies Tub Tim Krob, Young Coconut Crepe Cake, Panna Cotta Lod Chong, Sago Anchan, and Happy Toast,” said Inkawat.

Pornsiri Rojmetha, managing director, co-founder and one of the shareholders of Greyhound Co Ltd and Greyhound Cafe Co Ltd, said, “Greyhound Cafe London’ is based on the ‘Bangkok Cafe’ concept. It is intended to be more than a Thai restaurant, offering a dining experience that is truly unique. 

The menu, the taste and the presentation aim to capture the taste, fun and excitement of living in Bangkok. We mix and match a variety of ingredients and tastes into dishes that offer a different food experience representative of the diversity, creativity and chaos that is Bangkok. It’s something that has distinguished the Greyhound Cafe and has been behind the brand’s unique formula for success.”

‘Greyhound Cafe London’ serves Greyhound Cafe signature dishes that are very popular among diners, including ‘Salmon in Hot Pursuit’, ‘Complicated Noodle’, Greyhound ‘Single Bone’ Wings, ‘Spaghetti Pla Khem’, and ‘Crab Meat Wok Rice’. All the dishes taste exactly like their originals served in Thailand. Beverages like Greyhound Lime Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee with Milk, and Thai Iced Tea with Milk are on the menu as well. There are also new items created in the Greyhound Cafe style to introduce Bangkok to Londoners, such as ‘Hot Oil Pork Knuckle’ with spicy tamarind curry paste and jaew sauce, ‘Sea Bass Miang’, ‘Tom Yum Goong Noodle’, or typical Thai favourites like ‘Chicken Holy Basil Chili Bomb served with Hom Mali rice and crispy-edge fried egg.’ 

Super trendy district 

‘Greyhound Cafe London’ is in Berners Street in Fitzrovia, the super trendy lifestyle district not far from Soho in central London. The location helps reinforce the strength of Greyhound Cafe as one of Thailand’s most successful lifestyle brands. The cafe covers an area of 600 square metres and has 192 seats. It is in the distinctive black colour of Greyhound Cafe and has decor inspired by the charming chaos of mom-and-pop stores in Bangkok. Ornaments used include tree pot “buckets” and a massive “fish trap” with a school of brass-woven silver barb fish inside. These items were made in Thailand and are proudly presented as installation art right in the middle of the cafe for Londoners and the world to see.

Rojmetha said, “The target patrons of ‘Greyhound Cafe London’ are Londoners and people of many nationalities living and working in the city as well as in Fitzrovia who look for a restaurant for lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner or a place to hang out after work. They are people who enjoy style in their living, are mostly younger and seeking new experiences while they hang out with friends in a place with great atmosphere. 

We expect to receive 12,000 customers a month in our first |year, and increasing by 20 per cent to 14,000 customers a month by 2019.”

“The instant popularity after opening is most encouraging for us. We are already seeing queues for people waiting for a seat. Many patrons share their praise of the cafe on the social media, which has resulted in wide awareness of the cafe quickly,” she added. 


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