In-store ads up sharply, magazine ads plummet in 2017: Nielsen

Corporate January 12, 2018 17:51

By The Nation

Advertising expenditure in the year 2017 totalled Bt101.44 billion, a 6 per cent from the year 2016, according to Nielsen as reported on Friday.




Digital TV, cinema, outdoor, transit, and in-store media showed advertising spending growth of 7.42 per cent, 25.01 per cent, 12.78 per cent, 10.14 per cent and 34.57 per cent respectively.

Meanwhile, advertising spending in traditional channel, cable/satellite, radio, newspaper, magazines, and Internet dropped 13.12 per cent, 15.57 per cent, 14.95 per cent, 21.82 per cent, 33.60 per cent, and 12.59 per cent respectively.

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