Murray Darling, managing director of Starbucks Coffee Thailand
Murray Darling, managing director of Starbucks Coffee Thailand

Starbucks opens its biggest Thai store

Corporate December 23, 2017 01:00


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STARBUCKS Coffee (Thailand) yesterday opened its largest store in Thailand, with the outlet in Siam Square becoming its flagship property in the country.

The company said the new coffee shop “will continue the Starbucks philosophy to create, delight and elevate the coffee experience for all its customers”.

 The store opening coincides with Starbucks’ 20 year anniversary in Thailand. “And what a perfect time to celebrate with a brand new flagship store which is set to offer quality beverages and food offering, with a particular focus on teenagers who are looking for something extraordinary,” said Murray Darling, managing director of Starbucks Coffee Thailand said.

“Our new store, located at Siam Square in the heart of the city, is a point where a wide and diverse group of people are meeting. We believe that the Starbucks flagship store is in a prime location to offer our experiences to this wide and diverse audience. 

“Customers have the opportunity to meet friends, study, catch up on work, or grab a coffee and a bite to eat on the go – from teenage groups who love fun stuff and tourist customers from around the world.

“Starbucks as a leader in coffee culture in Thailand is now delivering the Starbucks experience, by providing the best quality coffee, seasonal drinks and our exclusive menu items which will be served at Siam Square One store. We believe it will answer the needs of all our customers.”

The three-floor flagship store at Siam Square One is Starbucks’ 321st store nationwide and covers 430 square metres. 

The company said the design at Siam Square One is inspired by “the rich, fluid texture of coffee as it comes to life upon brewing, combining the modern and contemporary” known as Starbucks ReserveTM . The material palette includes warm wood tones, rich natural textures and organic scriptural forms, with copper design accents to evoke luxurious touch.

 The entrance on the first floor of Starbucks Siam Square One will connect to the BTS skytrain (Siam station). Additionally, the store also features the innovative Victoria Arduiro - Black Eagle VA 388 edition, the latest hybrid espresso machine. The machine offers the highest level of accuracy in temperature, coffee measurement and time setting, to deliver the best premium espresso drinks with consistent quality in every cup. 

The second floor features Starbucks Reserve Experience Bar, allowing customers to have Starbucks Experiences and indulge in the finest and rarest coffee beans from every corner of the world, the company said.

“With special coffee brewing methods ranging from Pour Over – which produces a delicious, clean cup of coffee that allows subtle notes to shine, Siphon – an intricate and theatrical method that uses vapour pressure and vacuum force to extract coffee flavour resulting in a clean, crisp and smooth coffee, Chemex – a hybrid brewing method of pour over and full immersion that highlights the brighter notes in coffee and yields a clean and sweet cup, and Coffee Press – which retains the flavorful oils of the coffee resulting in a rich and full-bodied cup,” the company said. “{The top floor provides ample seating areas, which all custom furniture created particularly for this store.”

In addition, Starbucks has created special menus for the Siam Square One store – which range from unique beverages to special desserts and ice-cream. “All of which are served, with quality in mind to ensure Starbucks customers are delighted by their experiences throughout the visit,” the company said. “This includes an exciting partnership with ‘After you’, the leader of the dessert creativity. 

The special menu will include items such as Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream plus unique new items like Berry Crumble Pancake, Banoffee Crumble Pancake and Affogato. Starbucks customers can also expect to be enticed with the breakfast and lunch menu like Open-Faced Smoked Salmon, Open-Faced Caprese (Mozzarella & Tomato) and Open-Faced Tuna Melt.