CPRAM to expand production capacity under food innovation push

Corporate December 14, 2017 01:00


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CPRAM Co Ltd, a ready-to-eat food producer and distributor, yesterday announced a five-year strategic vision under which it will boost production capacity and promote sustainability.

As key elements of the plan, the company will expand its production capacity at five plants, including two to be set up in Lamphun and Surat Thani. Three of its factories – in Chon Buri, Khon Kaen and Bo-Ngem in Pathum Thani – will be upgraded.

The capacity expansion is in line with the company’s strategy to become a hub for food innovation in Asia.

President Wisade Wisidwinyoo said the company was determined to be a quality food distributor offering safe and nutritious products that are of high quality.

“Now the company is 30 years old and throughout that history the company has planned in blocks of five years,” Wisade said.

“The reason why we set each period as five years in pursuing our long-term strategic plan is that these periods match with those of the Thailand National Economic and Social Development Plan. 

“For example, the sixth period is the Innovation Convergence Period, under which we aim to promote the people behind the many outstanding innovations. At the same time, we are working towards achieving best-in-class standards with continuous growth. We also expanded four factories to increase our capacity during the period.

“Regarding the new period of CPRAM, we have now entered the seventh period – known as the Nice and Smart Period – by delivering value to society and aiming towards becoming a sustainable organisation. In this period, CPRAM will cooperate under partnerships to offer nice and smart things to our consumers and society.”

Wisade said all the company’s partners in the supply chain – from upstream to downstream – have been made aware of “the importance of serving the needs of consumers and society, who demand for food safety, food security and sustainability”.

“Our target for the next five years is challenging, Wisade said.

“Under the planned expansion, the total capacity will be increased by 50-70 per cent to support a market expansion of 15 per cent annually and this will enhance the potential growth in the economy and boost job creation.

Wisade said the company will allocate 1 per cent of its sales - around Bt150 million to Bt200 million annually – to research and development and spur innovation under the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy.


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