Saha Group supports Pracha Rath goals for economy

Corporate November 30, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

Citing so-called public-private-people partnerships as a major mechanism to drive the country’s economy, Saha Group says it is supporting the government’s public- private collaboration scheme in a bid to contribute to sustainable growth in the country.

 It has introduced the Saha Group Pracha Rath Ruam |Jai programme for vocational promotion projects |and public-private partnerships for community empowerment. 

Saha Group held an event under this concept at Thiam Chokwatana Self-sufficiency Agriculture Learning Centre in Lamphun province, aiming to exhibit projects to those interested in improving their communities.

At the event, Saha Group showed off it s 11 public-private partnership projects: the Self-Sufficiency Agriculture program from Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited; the Sahapat Admission project from Saha Pathanapibul; the Dual Vocational Education School Prototype from ICC International Public Company Limited; the 80/28 Oral Health Promotion and Prevention project from Lion Corporation (Thailand) Limited; the Breast Cancer Protection Program for the Community from Thai Waco; the Positive Thinking for Women to Transform Lives project from International Laboratories Corp, Ltd; the Eco-Friendly Fabric Bag Sewing project with Phra Dabos Foundation from Thanulux PCL; the Science on Mobile from S&J International Enterprises PCL; OCC's Public-Private Collaboration for Knowledge Sharing to Career Development project, the Creating Job Opportunities from Biomass projectj, Sahacogen (Chon Buri) PCL, and the Security by Secom project from SECOM Total Security Provider, Thiam said.


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