Yotsan Srisuchat, managing director of MBK Digital.
Yotsan Srisuchat, managing director of MBK Digital.

MBK Digital touts innovative format for shopping website

Corporate November 24, 2017 01:00


MBK Digital, a new business under MBK Public Co Ltd, has launched a website that it says offers a new online shopping experience in an e-exhibition format.

The website, MBKgo.com, aims to support the company’s growing e-commerce business, highlighting online exhibitions where travel, dining, and lifestyle deals are featured. Visitors can gain discounts on hotels and resorts, restaurants, and lifestyle activities at major landmarks around Thailand.

Yotsan Srisuchat, managing director of MBK Digital, said: “While e-commerce in Thailand has been growing rapidly, we expect the e-commerce business, especially in tourism and lifestyle activities, will reach Bt740 billion in value in 2018, or 9 per cent growth.

“The market is second only to the retail and wholesale category. Therefore, MBK Group decided to establish MBK Digital to support its digital operations, debuting with the launch of MBKgo.com in the format of e-exhibition. The website introduces a new means to shop for deals to customers through the online expo, where more than 800 exhibitors of the travel, lifestyle, and dining categories rotate to be featured on mbkgo.com, offering exclusive deals throughout the year.”

Yotsan said the highlight of MBKgo.com is the leisure e-exhibition format that addresses the needs of the young generation and working-age people who want to spend their free time on their preferred lifestyles. 

“There are three main categories: travel, activity, and dining. The website immerses visitors in the experience as if they are in the trade show that rotates products to shop special deals throughout the year. The first online exhibition is called ‘go go go…! deals around Thailand #1’, featuring travel, dining, and lifestyle deals from over 400 exhibitors, offering up to 90 per cent discount that is available 24 hours a day from November 27 to December 8. Customers can register for discount codes from now until November 26.”

Besides the online shopping experience, MBKgo.com has also been created to offer ease and convenience. “Customers can browse through the fair and shop deals from different booths in the exhibition. Products are categorised and conveniently arranged in different zones,” Yotsan said.

“Customers can be confident with every voucher purchase via MBKgo.com with the policy: ‘buy and change your mind, return within seven days’. If the voucher cannot be used as conditions stated, we are happy to give a 100 per cent refund. This is the essence of MBKgo.com’s operation to build confidence to get everyone involved. 

“The novelty of MBKgo.com is the presentation of online deal shopping as if visitors are walking through other expos and exhibitions organised in large event halls. This unprecedented shopping experience means customers need to learn to enjoy the site, while MBKgo.com must consistently learn and improve the customer experience, by putting customers at the heart of our operation. However, we also maintain our stand in continuously presenting new experience to customers.

“During the soft launch, we received great feedback; more than 40 per cent of the regular customers make a repeated purchase. The most popular deals are from the dining, lifestyle activities, and hotels.

“In the past three months, the growth rate in visitors has been over 100 per cent each month. Business partners, featured on the online exhibition, are also pleased with the sales on MBKgo.com and play a part in stimulating growth rate. We expect that we will have 1,500 partners at the exhibition by the end of 2018.”