Siam, Tesco jump aboard tax incentive scheme 

Corporate November 10, 2017 01:00


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A MEGA-SHOPPING centre and a major convenience store chain have launched promotion campaigns aligned with the government’s shopping tax rebate scheme intended to encourage people to shop their way to a stronger economy.

In addition to the tax incentive under the government's promotion campaign, the shopping centres under “One Siam” will also provide a “Siam Gift Card” as a special gift, said Jiraporn Srisa-an, senior deputy managing-director, business promotion, for Siam Piwat Co Ltd.

Siam Piwat has launched the “Siam Shop Chuey Chart” (Siam Boost National Spending) campaign to lure consumers to spend more between November 11 and December 3. A customer spending more than Bt15,000 at shops in one of three centres, would be issued the tax invoice and also receive a “Siam gift card” worth Bt500). The three centres are: Siam Paragon Shopping Centre, Siam Centre, and Siam Discovery. 

The deal applies to the first 500 customers for each of the shopping centres, a total of 1,500 customers. 

The company is expecting about 180,000 to 200,000 customers will come to shop at Siam Paragon each day, while about 120,000-150,000 customers will come to shop at Siam Centre and Siam Discovery, said Jiraporn.

Tesco Lotus is also getting onboard the end-of-year spending push.

The chain has joined hands with leading product manufacturers, local farmers, small businesses and community groups to host the first-ever Tesco Lotus Expo, which is being called one of the largest trade exhibitions and lifestyle events of the year. Tesco Lotus is hoping the fair, to be held at IMPACT’s Challenger Hall between November 9-12, will draw large crowds, stimulate year-end shopping, and uplift consumer sentiment.

 John Christie, CEO of Tesco Lotus, said the Expo 2017 serves as “a fantastic opportunity for our suppliers, farmers, SME and OTOP operators, and community groups to showcase and sell their products to visitors to the Expo, who will benefit from being able to purchase a large variety of high-quality products at great prices and enjoy fun activities for everyone in the family.”

 The company wants to make it easy for people to benefit from the government’s shopping-tax rebate scheme, said Christie. A tax invoice will be available at the Expo at a dedicated area with e-card readers that will issue full-form invoices to visitors who purchase goods from any Tesco Lotus.


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