Porsche Digital aims to connect cars to smart homes

Corporate October 03, 2017 11:55

By The Nation

Porsche subsidiary Porsche Digital has linked the sports-car manufacturer to Stuttgart-based technology company home-iX, which specialised in smart living products.

Former Porsche employees Mehmet Arziman and Heiko Scholtes founded home-iX last year, with one of its focus areas being “car-to-smart home solutions” for manufacturers of original equipment in the automotive industry.

Porsche Digital now holds a minority share in home-iX and has commissioned a pilot project seeking ways to connect smart homes, cars, mobile devices and digital assistants.

Porsche Digital chief executive Thilo Koslowski said this week the partnership emphasises “the fact that we are consistently pursuing our digitalisation strategy”. 

“We are developing our ecosystem and establishing new value-creation models for enabling profitable growth and the ability to compete.”

The terms “smart living” and “smart home” refer to an environment in which household and mobile devices – from an air-conditioning system to a car – interact and can be managed centrally. 

Everyday processes are automated and intelligent networking delivers efficiency, convenience, reliability and productivity – both at home and on the move.

Home-iX is developing a “Smart Living as a Service” platform and a B2B marketplace for related services. It aims to integrate the solutions offered by existing providers, rather than competing with them.

“Our platform functions as a secure interface on the smart home market,” Arziman said. 

Traditional industries such as the automotive industry that create their own customised smart-living solutions for end-customers will find it easier to access these markets.