Dtac sets goals for digital era

Corporate September 29, 2017 01:00


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DTAC plans for online channels to account for 40 per cent of the sales of its products and services by 2020 as part of it what it calls a business transformation for the digital era.

The telecommunications operator also aims for 80 per cent of its customer service matters to be handled online by that time.

The goals were announced as the company said it would promote the newly introduced Line Mobile as its second brand, focusing on users aged 20 to 40.

Andrew Kvalseth, head of the digital group at dtac, said the company was undergoing a shift into digital businesses. Now, the sales of its products and services via online channel makes up less than 5 per cent of the total, he said, adding that only 15 per cent of customer service issues are dealt with online.

The company will boost investment in its dtac accelerator programme that supports startup ventures.

Kvalseth said the Line Mobile service - a collaboration between DTN and Line Thailand - would be operated under the dtac TriNet network. Line Mobile is owned and operated by DTN.

In 2014, the world's mobile network operators (MNOs) hosted 260 MNO second brands. Dtac is one of the MNOs in Thailand that have announced a second brand, following AIS, with its You Mobile services several years ago.

Kvalseth said that under the collaboration with Line Thailand, the firm will pay royalty fees to it.

The Line Mobile services are promoted as coming with affordable packages for Internet and mobile services in response to the often-confusing packages in the market that have led to complaints such as overpricing.

Packages from the two partners start from Bt249 a month.

The services started on September 19 under the collaboration between DTN and Line Thailand that resulted in the establishment of Line Mobile Thailand. 

Seven Internet and mobile packages are available. For the Bt249 package, the Internet speed is 1.5 GB with mobile air time of 100 minutes.

The top-priced offering, at Bt1,699, comes with unlimited Internet access and mobile air time. The partners provide a 50 per cent discount on 12-month subscriptions.

The package also provided free data services for Line TV and Line messaging including voice and video calls. It will also provide 24-hour online support. The packages also allow users to manage their Internet and mobile services via their smartphones.

The payment options comprise debit card, credit card and the Rabbit Line pay e-wallet. It is offering a promotion for Line mobile users with five instant cashbacks whenever users pay for Line mobile with Rabbit Line until December 31.

The country has 90.94 million mobile phone subscriptions - around 133 per cent of the population - and has 57.6 million active mobile phone users, a penetration rate of 84 per cent. Thailand also has 42 million social media users, with average daily use of 4.14 hours.


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