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Corporate September 05, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

OTOP Ignite workshop gets under way

Assoc Prof Soranit Siltharm, third from right, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) presided over the inauguration of a workshop titled Innovative Community Product Development for New Entrepreneurs and the MOST's Innovation One Tambon, One Product (OTOP) Awards 2017. Soranit was accompanied by Assoc Prof Ittipol Jangchud, third from left, vice president of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Research and Innovation Services (KRIS), and managerial staff at Maruay Garden Hotel. The workshop was aimed at providing knowledge on innovation to OTOP entrepreneurs participating in the OTOP Ignite project.

CELES Asoke joins the fray in luxury condo market

CBRE (Thailand) has announced the launch of CELES Asoke, a luxury condominium in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD with an average price per square metre of Bt255,000, reflecting a non-marked up price in the luxury market. 

The Bt3.6 billion, 40-storey condominium is billed as the only luxury condominium which offers super luxury facilities. Presales will take place on September 16 at the Grand Centre Point Terminal 21.

Sukhmeet Bajaj, managing director of Lucky Living Properties Co Ltd, organized a press conference for CELES Asoke, joined by Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, managing director of CBRE (Thailand) Co Ltd, the project’s marketing and sales consultant, together with the project’s business partners, Architects 49, Shma Co Ltd, and Design Worldwide Partnership (dwp).

The press conference yesterday began with the announcement of the launch of CELES Asoke. The average price of Bt255,000 per square meter will stimulate demand for the condominium, the company said.

Samsung shows arty touch with new television

Samsung has launched what it calls a new lifestyle TV “Samsung The Frame”. 

“The product creates a new dimension of TV and also fits the current behaviour of consumers, who now spend just four hours watching TV each day, “ the company said.

“Samsung The Frame boasts special function Art Mode, allowing TV owners to display whatever picture inside their TV frame when TV signal is off. In support of the launch, Samsung plans to actively serve great product experiences plus associated privileges to customers so as to tap significantly further into the market in the last quarter of this year.”

Wanna Swuddigul, vice president and chief marketing officer, Thai Samsung Electronics, said that a recent survey by Samsung revealed that consumers watched their TV just four hours a day. 

“This means during 20 other hours in a day, the TV is simply a black screen at home. Today’s consumers therefore look for beautifully-design TV sets, the ones that will blend seamlessly into their home. If possible, TV should be able to serve some other purposes when it is off too,” Wanna said.

“Recognising such needs, Samsung has combined innovative technology with design creativity to develop Samsung The Frame. 

“Marking the first step towards future TV, this innovation comes up with an unconventional idea about TVs. Designed by Swiss designer Yves B?har, Samsung The Frame is “art when it’s off, TV when it’s on”. It looks like a photo frame and its user can put any picture into that frame when the device does not broadcast TV signal, the company said. 

Coca-Cola reworks formula for upgraded drink

Coke has launched an upgraded version of its Coke Zero No Sugar.

“The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, the manufacturer of Coca-Cola, reinforced its leadership as the most popular brand of beverage in Thailand and the world, with the launch of the new upgraded Coke Zero No Sugar in a redesigned packaging and with a flavour that is reminiscent of the original Coke but with no sugar,” the company said.

 “The new and improved recipe is in response to requests by Coke fans and the new generation who want to taste the feeling of the original Coke with zero sugar and zero calories. 

“Coke Zero No Sugar has been certified ‘Healthier Choice Beverage’ by the Nutrition Promotion Foundation, Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University.” 

Claudia Navarro, marketing director of Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd, said that as the country’s market leader for non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, Coke is committed to reinventing and developing new product choices on a continuing basis in response to consumer demands and trends.

“Today, as consumers turn to alternative sugar-free products, Coke Zero No Sugar is an improvement on the earlier Coke Zero,” Navarro said.

“However, the flavour has been enhanced to taste as close to the original Coke as much as possible. The company is confident its new and improved Coke Zero Sugar recipe delivers the real taste of Coca-Cola. Assured by the test results from groups of consumers in many countries such as Japan.”