Expedia launches revenue tool to help hotels

Corporate August 17, 2017 19:47

By The Nation

The Expedia group, the world’s largest online travel company, has launched a new revenue management tool to help hotel managers optimise their revenues.

Called Rev+, the tool gives managers access to data that allows them to better understand opportunities in their market and take advantage of them.

“Our hotel partners see value in the data we provide and have expressed a need for additional support, insights and access to greater intelligence to help them more effectively refine their revenue strategy and make informed business decisions in less time,” said Benoit Jolin, vice president of Expedia’s Global Product.

“Rev+ was created from this feedback, along with months of testing that informed the first version of the product. Rev+ is the start of our Revenue Management capabilities from which we will continue to build and enhance according to our partners’ feedback.”

The tool is an addtion to Expedia PartnerCentral (EPC), the company’s partner portal which helps hotels manage their properties and rates.


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