Samsung reassures clients 

Corporate July 14, 2017 01:00


SOUTH KOREA’S leading mobile phone manufacturer Samsung Electronics will continue to provide Thai customers with product and service innovations to enrich their living. 

“We are driven by meaningful innovation. 

“We will continue to provide our Thai customers with the technology and devices to open new experiences and possibilities – and will do that through stable and accessible mobile infrastructures,” DJ Koh, president of the Mobile Communications Business, |saidyesterday.

Thailand was the company’s second biggest mobile phone market in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. 

The mobile phone adoption rate among Thai consumers is 90 per cent, making Thailand an important market for Samsung.

The country’s smartphone users are among the most active in Southeast Asia in terms of wireless data consumption, suggesting that Thailand is moving towards becoming a digital economy.

Regarding the intensifying mobile phone market in Thailand, Koh said his philosophy was to focus on creating great devices and services that enhance customers’ lives.

Among Samsung’s innovative services available in Thailand and many countries is its Samsung Pay smartphone-based credit card payment service, which was launched earlier |this year to support Thailand’s move toward a cashless society.

Samsung Pay lets customers use their compatible Samsung devices as e-wallets and credit cards to pay for goods and services by tapping on credit-card-reading terminals. 

In the global market, as of March, Samsung Pay had processed more than 240 million global transactions. 

Samsung Pay has already partnered with more than 870 banks worldwide and will continue to expand its coverage and services to more and more users in the coming years.

From the global perspective, customers’ needs and desires have changed.

To address this, Samsung was focused on building a seamless ecosystem of new experiences that feature industry-leading software and services to constantly improve how consumers connect to the different facets of their lives, and to each other, he added.


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