Carabao holds first-round EFL Cup draw in Bangkok

Corporate June 17, 2017 01:00


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ENERGY-DRINK maker Carabao held the first-round draw for the English Football League Cup, which will be known from the 2017-18 season as Carabao Cup, in Bangkok yesterday.

The event marked the first time the EFL Cup draw was made outside England. The draw was to be live-streamed to countries around the globe. 

The event marks Carabao’s latest sport-marketing strategy to create a platform to promote sales overseas and pave the way for its global expansion.

Sathien Setthasit, chief executive officer of Carabao Group, said the company had signed a three-year deal as a sponsor of the EFL from 2017 to 2020. Under the sponsorship agreement, the EFL Cup will be known from the 2017-18 season as Carabao Cup. 

“The deal is part of our sport-marketing strategy that will help raise awareness of the brand in the international markets,” he said. 

“Football is an international sport,” he said. “Fans all over the world enjoy playing, watching and cheering their favourite football teams. 

“It’s hoped that as a sponsor, Carabao as a Thai brand will be able to gain international recognition. 

“Carabao already sponsors a Premier League club, Chelsea, and a Championship club, Reading. We have set up an office in London to expand our sales in the UK and European countries, the demand made possible through our sport-marketing strategy. 

“I hope the deal will lend the brand more strength.” 

In Thailand’s energy-drinks market, which is valued at Bt35 billion, Carabao had a 25-per-cent share in the first quarter of this year and reported a 30-per-cent rise in sales from the same period last year. The robust growth is attributed to a dramatic increase in sales of Carabao energy drink and new products including bottled water and three-in-one and ready-to-drink coffee. 

In overseas markets, energy drinks are popular among consumers of all ages and genders and are even considered premium products. In the first quarter, Carabao reported a 25-per-cent increase in sales from the same period last year in most of its export markets. Carabao is also organising a marketing campaign titled “Submitting Carabao Bottle Caps for the Chance to Watch the Carabao Cup Final in the UK with Aed Carabao” to promote the Carabao Cup. 

The campaign targets Thai fans of English soccer and has lots of prizes up for grabs, including “Carabao-limited” Honda Wave motorcycles and a seven-day, four-night package tour to the United Kingdom, altogether worth Bt6.3 million. 

Winners will get to watch the Carabao Cup Final together with Thai folk singer Yuengyong Opakul, better known as “Aed Carabao”, who is also the brand founding partner. The campaign, which started on June 1, runs until October 25. 

The Carabao Cup will kick off on August 7. Premier League clubs that did not make it to the Uefa Champions League will join the competition from Round 2. Teams joining in Round 3 include Manchester United, who won the EFL Cup last season. The 2018 final will be at Wembley Stadium in London on February 25.