Thai bourse grants SET Sustainability Awards to 14|listed companies

Corporate February 26, 2017 01:00


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THE STOCK EXCHANGE of Thailand has announced that the SET Sustainability Awards 2016 have been granted to 14 listed companies. 

The awards recognise excellent performance in sustainability development, good corporate governance, and taking stakeholders’ benefits into account. The bourse also recognised 51 companies selected for “Thailand Sustainability Investment” (THSI), a list of stocks with outstanding performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. 

The 14 awards are grouped into three categories: Best Sustainability, Outstanding Sustainability, and Rising Star Sustainability.

Eight Best Sustainability Awards were granted (in alphabetical order) to BANPU, CFRESH (Seafresh Industry), LPN (L.P.N Development), PTTGC (PTT Global Chemical), SAT (Somboon Advance Technology), SCC (Siam Cement), SSSC (Siam Steel Service Center) and TOP (Thai Oil). 

Four Outstanding Sustainability Awards were granted to BCP (Bangchak Petroleum), CHO (Cho Thavee), IRPC and MINT (Minor International). 

Two Rising Star Sustainability Awards went to HMPRO (Home Product Center) and PPP (Premier Products). 

In addition, the SET initiated a special award to recognise distinguished persons who have made significant contributions to the capital market’s sustainable development. It granted this award to Professor Hiran Radeesri, chairman of the Thailand Sustainability Investment Committee and expert on corporate governance and social responsibility for the SET. 

“Since 1995, the SET has encouraged Thai listed firms to integrate corporate governance practices into their operations,” SET president Kesara Manchusree said. “After that, the SET extended the mission to promote sustainable development. 

“It’s fortunate that the effort to achieve the sustainable-development goal has been supported by many experts. Therefore, this year the SET cordially grants a special award in honour of Professor Hiran Radeesri’s valuable contribution in developing and laying a solid foundation of CG practices for the Thai capital market for more than 20 years. 

“He has been instrumental in driving listed firms to [have true] impacts on society and the environment at the domestic and international levels,” she said.