Somsakul Phaojindamuk, director of NOW26, fifth from right, has announced that TV Burabha will produce four documentaries for NOW26 this year.
Somsakul Phaojindamuk, director of NOW26, fifth from right, has announced that TV Burabha will produce four documentaries for NOW26 this year.

  NOW26 to air four locally produced natural resource documentaries

Corporate February 17, 2017 01:00


DIGITAL TV Channel NOW26 is teaming up with Thai documentary producer TV Burabha to produce four documentaries this year, while jointly launching a campaign with several agencies and foundations to promote natural-resource preservation. 

Somsakul Phaojindamuk, director of NOW26, Nation Multimedia Group’s digital TV channel for variety programmes, said the documentaries would be broadcast from April onwards.

“After repositioning NOW26 as the digital TV channel for documentaries, we select documentaries from the world’s best producers and leading studios, while receiving favourable response from audiences,” he said. 

“Our rating has moved up to 10th place since late last year, faster than expected. It’s obvious that Thai audiences need alternatives, and documentary content is among the most needed in Asia now.” 

Aside from foreign TV programmes, NOW26 is going ahead with Thai documentary producers. Last year, Thai documentary programmes gained popularity.

“We will not stop extending our content in a horizontal direction. This year, we have a new friend – an expert on Thailand’s documentary stage and the white media … as Thailand’s leading documentary producer, TV Burabha, to strengthen our TV station. It’s good for audiences to have more alternatives for quality TV programmes,” Somsakul said.

Suttipong Thamawuit, chairman of TV Burabha, said that given its four strong points – emotion, truth, storytelling and inspiration – as the keys, its documentary programmes would be attractive for audiences, and joining hands with NOW26 would strengthen both partners.

TV Burabha’s four documentary programmes are scheduled to begin airing this April. 

“Ponlamuang Pa” (Forest Citizen) reflects the relationship between Thailand’s forests and animals and the unseen forest beauty.

“Khon Long Pa” (Lost in the Forests) conveys a story of documentary photographers during shooting, problems, obstacles, dangers, risks and problem solving, while “Wetland” tells a story of plants and animals in Thailand’s wetlands.

“Dan Asorapit” (Land of Snakes) is a reality programme showing the story of poisonous snakes and journeys to find the reptiles. 

Somsakul said NOW26 this year intended to hold activities to promote natural resources and environmental preservation throughout the nine months TV Burabha’s documentary programmes will be broadcast. 

NOW26 is cooperating with environmental and wildlife agencies including the Love Wildlife Foundation, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, and Wildlife Officials Fund Thailand under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen. They all will be given airtime to announce their activities through NOW26 and NMG’s other media throughout the nine-month period.

“These activities come from our intention to work for the audience,” Somsakul said. “We are No 1 among TV channels for documentary programmes and communicating with the audience is another target [way] to promote natural-resource conservation. All of our joint activities with these organisations and foundations will be a part to make the [aimed at making a] better world.” 


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