Uefa Euro presents sales opportunities

Corporate May 28, 2016 01:00


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Major players in various business sectors are launching big campaigns to cash in on the coming Uefa Euro soccer tournament, which will be the biggest sport event of the year and provide an opportunity for them to generate sales amid the current economic d

The tournament runs from June 10 to July 10.


Salinla Seehaphan, corporate affairs director at Tesco Lotus, said the Euro tournament was a key sales catalyst for certain types of products, especially television sets, set-top boxes, soccer jerseys, snacks and beverages.

Customers who choose to watch the games in the comfort of their own homes no longer have to compromise on the viewing experience and image quality, thanks to the availability and affordability of large-screen high-definition TV sets. Often, these customers also buy snacks, frozen foods and beverages to enjoy with friends and family while watching the matches.

She said the retail giant was hosting the “Your Road to Paris with Tesco Lotus” campaign from now through July 13 to welcome Euro 2016.

The campaign will help customers save on more than 2,000 items including television sets, jerseys, frozen foods and snacks (10-per-cent discounts across the board). Maximum discounts on television sets are more than 28 per cent and customers have the choice of a 10-month zero-interest payment plan.

Moreover, customers who spend Bt300 or more can enter a weekly lucky draw to win prizes including soccer jerseys, smartphones and trips to Paris, worth nearly Bt3 million in total.

“As the Euro is one of the most exciting seasonal events, we expect higher customer spending. The most significant sales uplift will be from television sets, expected to be around 20 per cent higher than normal periods,” Salinla said.

“It’s plain to see that Thai people love sports, and football is at the very top of the list.”

Kudatara Nagaviroj, executive adviser for corporate affairs at Big C Supercenter, said the company had collaborated with partners to launch a “Big Save – Super Low Prices” campaign to respond to the excitement around Euro 2016.

“We have invited the famous Thai National Football Team goalkeeper Tong Kawin Thammasajjarak to represent the ‘Big Save’ key features of our campaign,” he said.

The features consist of “weekly crazy deals”. This week’s offers 20 per cent off on all TVs of all brands until Tuesday, then a new crazy deal every week until July 6. There are also interest-free instalments for six months, free home speakers worth Bt1,690 with TV purchase of more than Bt12,000, and a lucky-draw chance with every Bt50 purchase to win one of 26 “Golden Footballs” worth more than Bt2 million in total.

During Euro season, Big C Shopping Online is also offering various products and souvenirs at special prices and gift vouchers.

“During past Euro tournaments, we’ve seen increased sales of television and products consumed during the games such as confectioneries, snacks and beverages,” he said.

Soft drinks

Koki Yamashita, integrated marketing communications manager of Coca-Cola (Thailand), said soccer was one of the most important passion points for consumers. Coca-Cola supports the sport at many levels.

“At the local level, we sponsor the ‘Coke Cup Youth Championship’, at the national level we sponsor the Thai Premier League, and at the global level we sponsor the Fifa World Cup as well as the Uefa Euro Cup.

“At the same time, we are increasingly focusing on grass-roots football for youth and providing them with unique, hands-on football experience in a way only Coke can offer. Inspiring today's youth is extremely critical and not easy.

“We are very committed not only to promote active healthy living through football but also to inspire youth through the lens of Coca-Cola and nurture their love for the brand,” Yamashita said.

At “Copa Coca-Cola Camp 2016” in Paris, the company will bring three selected young soccer players to join the camp for one week at the beginning of July.

Copa Coca-Cola is claimed to be the world’s largest and most inclusive grass-roots soccer programme. Coca-Cola offers special opportunities to young soccer players from around the world to train in the camp. This year the camp is being held for the third time, and will welcome 80 female and male players from 20 countries, including the three from Thailand.

Electrical appliances

Jiralak Na Chiengtung, vice president for marketing at Power Buy Co, said that in response to the upcoming Uefa Euro tournament, the company was focusing on TV products by setting up two campaigns.

In collaboration with Samsung, Power Buy launched a campaign for customers who buy a Samsung television set. With any Samsung TV purchased in Power Buy between May 5 and June 5, the customer will have a chance to win a trip to Paris to watch the Uefa Euro final match. There are 15 prizes worth a total of Bt6 million.

Power Buy will soon launch another campaign for soccer fans. With any TV purchased at Power Buy from June 1 to July 10, the customer will have a chance to win one of 50 gold necklaces and a Sony 85-inch LED TV for the final match.

Jiralak said TV sets of all brands would see a significant increase in sales.

“We forecast that from Uefa Euro 2016 until the Olympics in August, TV sales will increase by 20 per cent from last year, hence allowing the company to grow by 4-5 per cent in 2016 as planned,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jakkrit Keeratichokchaikun, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer of Power Mall, said Euro 2016 would be another peak sales period of the year as customers would be keener to shop for goods, especially audio-visual products such as large-screen televisions.

To cash in on the soccer tournament, Power Mall has launched a campaign called “Power Mall Big Screen” to offer shoppers discounts of up to 37 per cent on television sets. The campaign will be held until June 29 at all Power Mall branches at The Mall shopping complexes, The Emporium, and Paragon Department Store. The company expects sales 10-15 per cent higher during the Euro tournament compared with the normal period.

Quick service restaurants

Petcharat Uthaisang, chief marketing officer of McThai Co, the local operator of McDonald’s restaurants, said that McDonald’s was one of the main global sponsors for the Uefa Euro tournament as well as the World Cup.

“Football is one of the favourite sports of most Thais. They also have a high engagement with football, and McDonald’s in Thailand will not miss the chance to take part in adding colour to this world-class football tournament,” she said.

“We will have a big surprise in the temporary launch of a new special Euro Set product, which will be from June 3 to July 21.”

Anhul Chauhan, chief marketing officer for the KFC brand at Yum! Restaurants International (Thailand) Co, Ltd, said Uefa Euro was a big event for soccer fans around the world including Thailand, where enthusiasts make it a good occasion to gather and enjoy the game together.

“We’re excited to announce that our new snack food Chizza – a blend of crispy fried chicken topped with special pizza sauce and quality melted cheese – will be available for consumers from May 27 to July 8.”

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