Greenview offers tools for efficient, sustainable hotel business

Corporate May 13, 2016 01:00


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US-BASED tourism research firm Greenview has unveiled sustainability and cost-saving tools to enable Thai hotels to operate more efficiently and help hotel operators expand overseas.

Greenview founder and chief executive officer Eric Ricaurte said Thailand’s hotel industry had grown enormously over the past few years. However, the sector is highly competitive and many home-grown groups are now expanding into the region and across the world.

To help operators enhance their competitiveness, reduce operating costs and strengthen overseas expansion, the company offers two tools for Thailand’s hospitality industry – the Greenview Portal and the Green Lodging Survey.

The Greenview Portal provides an internationally accredited data platform to measure, track and report usage of energy, water, waste, carbon, efficiency projects and community work, helping single hotels or operators/owners of a portfolio of hotels save money through best sustainable practices.

The Green Lodging Survey offers the only trends analysis of its kind worldwide, helping hotels benchmark where they stack up against their peers in implementing the latest practices in sustainable hospitality.

“It goes beyond environmental efficiency to include community engagement and guest communications, providing the hotel industry with an annual measurement yardstick. It is free for hotels to participate in this survey,” Ricaurte said.

Speaking at an American Chamber of Commerce conference yesterday, he said Thailand had a tremendous opportunity to become known as Asia’s, if not the world’s, home of hospitality.

The pure nature, culture and service standards of the country are great assets, but they need to be harnessed and led by a sustainability hospitality strategy that will create leadership – sending a clear message that Thailand cares and takes sustainability and the environment very seriously.