Siam Swiss launches new flagship boutique at Siam Square

Corporate August 01, 2015 01:00


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SIAM SWISS, an authorised retailer of Rolex, has announced one of the biggest makeovers in the company's 36-year history.

The company is launching a completely renovated boutique in Siam Square, with 150 square metres of space. The boutique’s expansion is part of an overall strategy to strengthen the Siam Swiss brand as the market for luxury items, especially timepieces, continue to grow.

Siam Swiss is confident of the prospect for luxury watches. The company not only enjoys the sterling reputation of the Rolex brand but it says it has also built a solid base of loyal customers thanks to its philosophy of giving customers utmost satisfaction.

Chief executive officer Supaporn Poolsathitiwat said Siam Swiss’s strategy for this year was to invest for the better even though the overall economy is still experiencing a downturn.

She said the company believed that its expertise and personalised service contributed to continuously increasing customer retention. Besides, the company’s decision to renovate boutiques will go a long way in improving its image and providing top-quality service.

Siam Swiss owns three boutiques covering major business districts in Bangkok. These are a standalone outlet in Siam Square, the company’s first boutique, which was opened in 1979; a boutique in Central City Bangna Department Store; and a standalone boutique on Narathiwat-Ratchanakarin Road.

“Siam Swiss is taking a bold new step this year, a major makeover after 36 years of operations,” Supaporn said.

“One of the company’s philosophies is giving customers utmost satisfaction so customers think of Siam Swiss when they think of the world-class brand Rolex. And, in order to serve our customers better, we have expanded Siam Swiss’s first boutique in Siam Square from a single-unit boutique with limited space to a full-fledged flagship boutique.”

The new flagship boutique has two-storeys, with the upper floor reserved for VIP guests and after-sales services.

“Our customer base keeps growing,” Supaporn said.

According to the Siam Swiss CEO, apart from the strength of Rolex, whose designs and production are world-class, the key to her company’s success was its ability to meet its customers’ needs.

“Customers’ satisfaction is the heart of a company’s success,” she said.

That is the reason Siam Swiss focuses on fostering long-lasting relationships with its customers, keeping strong ties that are passed on from one generation to another.

“This year will be much more challenging than the last one,” Supaporn said.

“We confronted several areas of uncertainties. We were therefore cautious about managing our costs and expenses, making sure that we could maximise [the returns] on any investments. The result was satisfactory,” she said.

This year, however, the company decided to make a major expansion for the business.

“Strategically, to invest during this period of economic downturn is a tremendous challenge,” Supaporn said.

The CEO is confident, however, that the market for luxury brands, especially watches, will continue to grow. This is because the specific target group – watch lovers, collectors, and investors – still enjoy high purchasing power.

For certain groups of people, watches are ranked among their first choices when it comes to rewarding themselves or sending gifts to their loved ones, Supaporn said.

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