Samart I-Mobile aims to increase its smartphone export to 500,000

Corporate May 15, 2014 00:00


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SAMART I-MOBILE plans to export 500,000 smartphones to the Middle East, Myanmar and South Africa this year.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Samart Corp targets sales of 5 million of its own-brand smartphones and those with digital TV functions within three years
Chief executive officer Watchai Vilailuck said yesterday that the company had been approached by many countries that have adopted the DVB-T2 technology for digital television, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia and Myanmar, about marketing its smartphones with built-in digital TV there.
The company has already launched the devices in Thailand to cash in on the advent of 24 commercial digital TV channels, at prices ranging from Bt3,000-Bt6,000. 
The company is shooting for sales of 1.5 million units this year in Thailand.
It is also expected to sell about 2 million digital-TV set-top boxes under the voucher scheme of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission this year. The NBTC will give away the vouchers to households to buy set-top boxes to view the new digital TV channels. However, the face value of the vouchers has yet to be decided.
The NBTC plans to distribute vouchers to about 11 million households this year. 
Samart Corp’s first-quarter revenue rose 20 per cent year on year to Bt6.3 billion, while profit increased 15 per cent to Bt403 million.