Tighter tax regulations please e-commerce firm

Corporate June 22, 2012 00:00


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With the Revenue Department aiming to tighten up tax collections on e-commerce transactions by the end of the year, OfficeMate, a giant online stationery and office-equipment company, says this would set needed standards and add confidence for those using


OfficeMate managing director Worawoot Ounjai said it was good news that the department will make a serious effort to collect taxes from e-commerce as this will enable the government to identify entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, department will be able to regulate online business so customers are able to trust the products and services they buy online. It will also reduce illegal or black-market businesses and hence reduce risk for customers.

“It can also increase government revenue,” Worawoot said.

He added that his firm would negotiate with the Revenue Department to develop an e-invoice system to reduce the cost of printing paper invoices. The company expects to be able to develop this system in the near future.

Tiwa York, managing director for e-commerce at portal service Sanook Online, said businesses should not get the idea that going online was a way to avoid to paying tax. Online merchants should pay tax just as traditional businesses do, and thereby improve the quality and standards of online transactions.

“As we are a portal of e-commerce, every online merchant under www.shopping.co.th must register under Thai law, and they need to pay tax on their revenue from online transactions the same as from offline transaction,” Tiwa said.