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Volvo XC40

Volvo does well in Thailand in 2018

Auto & Audio February 11, 2019 16:10

By The Nation

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Volvo Thailand sold 1,292 cars in 2018, the highest since 2013, the company said in a press release.

The automaker said this marks a 13-per-cent increase in sales year-on-year, and follows a dramatic growth of 32 per cent in 2017. 

The top three Volvo models in the Thai market are XC60, XC90 and S90.

Chris Wailes, Volvo Thailand’s managing director, said, “Volvo has confirmed its position as one of the fastest-growing premium car brands. This took place in a challenging year for Thailand’s premium car market, proved by the number of customers who are continuing to respond positively to the style, quality and appeal of our premium cars, and appreciating the lead Volvo is taking in pushing the boundaries of safety and technology. 

“The results are not just figures on a spreadsheet, but also reflect the hard work and commitment of everyone in our business and our retail network. We will sustain our efforts to build on this success in 2019, supported by the introduction of further new models, as well as the first year of production of our New XC40 SUV.”