Folger and EQA electric concept
Folger and EQA electric concept

Mercedes highlights electric future

Auto & Audio November 22, 2018 20:21

By The Nation

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The Mercedes-Benz EQ Tech Day 2018, highlighting its EQA electric concept car apart from other PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) models.

Roland Folger, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Thailand, said at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Bangkok where the event is held: "As we look to the future, artificial intelligence is a key issue for us. This applies to all sectors of the business - development, production and the use of vehicles, as well as mobility services and communication. Artificial intelligence and digitalisation open new opportunities for Daimler in all fields of the Case strategy.

"Case describes the four trends which are set to fundamentally alter the concept of mobility; connected, autonomous, shared and service and electric drive. This strategy represents a key technology on the road to an emission-free future for the motor vehicle," Folger added.

He said by 2022, the company will electrify the entire portfolio, offering customers at least one electrified alternative in all Mercedes-model series. The company is planning to offer more than 50 electrified vehicle variants in all segments.