Pairote Cheunkrut, Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya
Pairote Cheunkrut, Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya

Krungsri Auto unveils “PromptStart” digital lending platform

Auto & Audio November 08, 2018 14:29

By The Nation

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Krungsri Auto, a leader in automotive finance under Bank of Ayudhya PCL, has launched “Krungsri Auto PromptStart”, the first digital auto lending platform that allows customers to check their credit appraisal via mobile website.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the company said that with the simple steps of “filling-snapping-sending” and 30-minute SMS result notification, the platform promises to provide a more seamless experience by enabling easier access to auto finance services.

Pairote Cheunkrut, Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, said: “At Krungsri Auto, we are committed to understanding customers and comprehensively answering their needs. We learned that, when looking to buy a new vehicle, customers do not usually feel confident about loan credit because they are not fully aware of their own financial capability. Additionally, with consumers’ increasing expectation for easy access to information, products and services at their fingertips, the need for digital auto finance solutions has increased considerably.

“Such insights led to ‘Krungsri Auto PromptStart’, the first digital auto lending innovation that allows customers to check their own credit appraisal via mobile website. It promises three key benefits: Assurance, Accessibility and Advice. Being more aware of the money in their hand, customers are empowered to make more informed decisions on vehicle selection. The platform also offers a quick, convenient and seamless experience to respond to consumers’ digital lifestyle. More importantly, customers can get consultation on loan conditions from their personal PromptStart Advisor who will provide support throughout the process.”

The company said customers can check their credit appraisal with “Krungsri Auto PromptStart” by following the simple steps of “filling-snapping-sending”: filling in personal information, snapping photos of three documents (an ID card, a salary slip and an employee badge or a bank statement) and sending a form. The result will be notified via SMS within 30 minutes during office hours. Customers will receive information on preliminary loan credit appraisal, instalment period, down payment as well as contact details of their personal PromptStart Advisor.

Pairote added: “Krungsri Auto PromptStart is the first innovation under our digital lending initiatives which set to provide more comprehensive solutions throughout the customer journey in the future. This launch reinforces our commitment to consistently enhancing our offerings to effectively answer customer needs and respond to changing consumer lifestyles. We believe that Krungsri Auto PromptStart will not only offer a more seamless experience but also propel business growth for dealers and car manufacturers as well as raise the standard of Thailand’s auto finance industry.”