Shell launches synthetic oil

Auto & Audio October 17, 2018 17:51

By The Nation

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The Shell Company of Thailand Limited has launched a new fully synthetic motor oil.

 The new Shell Helix Ultra SN 0W-20 for gasoline engines developed with Shell’s patented PurePlus Technology. The new product responds rapidly to engine acceleration and enhances fuel economy with a corresponding reduction in emissions, it said. 

Veethara Trakulboon, lubricants boss, said: “Global warming is a serious situation that impacts everyone and the behaviour and needs of consumers are changing in response. The trend of smaller engines that will help reduce polluting emissions is coming. 

“The Shell Helix Ultra 0W range provides superior resistance to oil degradation that is up to 32 per cent better than the latest industry standard; reduces evaporation rates by up to 50 per cent, meaning drivers don’t need to top up oil as frequently between oil changes; lower viscosity that allows oil flow up to three times faster than required by the latest industry standard; and 65 per cent superior piston deposit protection.”