Roojai launches online big bike insurance

Auto & Audio October 12, 2018 15:43

By The Nation

6,121 Viewed, the online car insurance company, has launched Thailand’s first online big bike insurance platform in partnership with LMG Insurance.

According to the website’s press release, the new big bike platform promises an online quote in less than 60 seconds and the option to buy online. 

Roojai said it is also the first to offer a monthly payment option by debit card as well as credit card for bikers. As well, bikers can carry out a remote bike inspection in less than 10 minutes using the Roojai App. 

Unlike traditional bike insurance, the company said there is no need for an appointment and no need to take time out. 

Nicolas Faquet, CEO and founder of Roojai, said: “If you think about it, traditional motorcycle insurance has always been based primarily on the value of the bike itself. The more expensive the bike, the higher the premium. While it is certainly a parameter to assess the cost of an accident, Roojai and LMG are focusing more on the probability of having an accident in the first place. Understanding what the bike is used for, the rider’s safety record and experience and the power to weight ratio of the bike can all influence the likelihood of having an accident. By focusing mainly on the lower risk riders, LMG and Roojai can dramatically cut insurance costs for the safer rider.”

Dr. Boonsong Sermsrisuwan, senior vice president of sales and marketing at LMG Insurance, added: “LMG brings its longstanding international and local expertise in insurance markets to support Roojai’s newest product. With Bt1.7 billion in authorised capital, and with the Insurtech skills Roojai has to offer, it is a win-win situation. Big bike customers will get a trustworthy and reliable coverage partner with excellent customer service, at a competitive price.”

Big Bike owners can get a customised insurance quote online at