Bosch auto products increase use of e-commerce channels

Auto & Audio October 05, 2017 15:14

By The Nation

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Bosch has expanded its range of automotive products on Lazada, Thailand’s leading online shopping platform, to over 500 parts for Thai consumers, the company announced on Thursday.

Quality lubricants, batteries, and battery chargers from Bosch have joined other products already available on the platform. Vehicle servicing packages will soon be available as well. Furthermore, the company has intensified its online presence by way of an official page on LINE, a leading communication and social networking mobile app.

According to the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Thailand’s e-commerce market size in 2017 will be worth Bt2.52 trillion, a 12.4 per cent increase from 2016. A Bangkok-based technology consulting firm, Joyfulness Co, predicts that Thailand will become the hub of e-commerce and e-payments among the Asean community this year.

In Southeast Asia, Bosch’s automotive spare parts are available at its official stores on Lazada in Thailand as well as the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.