MG’s i-SMART system comes with Thai language voice commands

Auto & Audio September 26, 2017 15:34

By The Nation

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British carmaker MG has launched the i-SMART connectivity system, with driver-behaviour learning and the world’s first Thai-language voice commands for the automotive sector.

The new system offers an enhanced level of convenience, comfort and safety for the IT generation.

Shi Guoyong, president of China’s SAIC Motor – CP, which owns the MG brand, said on Tuesday: “The automotive industry is continuously evolving and MG is committed to not only be a leader in new technologies, but to also invent technological applications in ways which no other carmaker has ever done before. 

“We are convinced that automotive technology must harmoniously integrate with our customers’ lifestyles. Therefore, we would like to offer an advanced vehicle-user interface that is easy to use to provide higher levels of convenience and safety, whether or not they are inside or outside of the vehicle.”

For the first time in the automotive industry, a Thai-language voice-command capability has been integrated in a vehicle. 

The user simply says “Hello MG” in Thai to activate the voice-command system and control various functions, including the entertainment system and satellite navigator. 

The i-Smart system is also operable via the multi-function touch screen on the dashboard and via an app on a mobile device.

The mobile device application also acts as a personal assistant to inform and gently remind the user of schedules, suggest the most suitable route, offer traffic reports and even weather forecasts.

“i-SMART can remotely start the car and switch on the air-conditioning via your mobile device before you enter your car, to allow for a more comfortable atmosphere once you arrive. The application can even preset the destination on the onboard navigation computer, so it can assist the driver to start his journey immediately,” the president added.