YouTube Thailand officially launched

Corporate May 20, 2014 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Google hopes site will attract more Thai content, local advertising

Google Thailand yesterday officially launched YouTube Thailand, which is aimed at encouraging a lot more video creations and, consequently, time spent online to bring in more advertising revenue. 
Ariya Banomyong, country head of Google Thailand, said was a platform to help brands reach out to their customers, while consumers could choose which ads they want to watch. 
According to the Digital Advertising Association (Thailand), total spending on digital adverts in Thailand this year is expected to grow by 38 per cent to more than Bt5.8 billion. However, that is still less than 5 per cent of total ad spending.
“Adverts on YouTube look more like entertainment content, so they can engage with audiences, enabling viral marketing through sharing, comments and ‘likes’ powerfully,” Ariya said.
He said was a platform that connect all stakeholders in the ecosystem, from content creators (who play the role of content partners for YouTube), to brands (and marketers), to YouTube users (the audience). 
Content creators can be anyone ranging from individuals to traditional media like TV broadcasters, and now those in Thailand have one more channel on which to distribute their content –
Companies’ video content can be uploaded free of charge on to YouTube if they buy an advert. YouTube adverts are displayed on channels of content creators who are members of the YouTube Partner Programme. 
There are six formats of YouTube adverts. 
Mastheads are 970-by-250-pixel in-page creations that run the full width of the YouTube homepage below the navigation bar for 24 hours. 
TrueView in-stream ads are skippable video adverts that are inserted before, during or after the main video. TrueView in-display ads appear alongside other YouTube videos. 
Standard in-stream ads can be inserted before or during the main video. 
Display ads are banners, while the overlay format consists of in-video adverts. 
Ariya said the beauty of YouTube Thailand was that it would help brands engage with the right target groups.
Tom Pickett, vice president for content at YouTube, said the availability of YouTube Thailand was a big change for Thai consumers as they now could find relevant, localised content. 
He said it would also facilitate local participation in the YouTube Partner Programme to encourage monetisation of creators’ content through YouTube Ads. 
YouTube has existed for nine years, and YouTube Thailand is the 62nd localised version. Globally, about a billion users visit YouTube every month, almost half of the total number of Internet users worldwide. 
On average, 40 per cent of YouTube’s watching time occurs on mobile devices, and that number is growing. Asia is leading the charge in mobile viewership.
Six brands joined the launch event of YouTube Thailand: Ford, Samsung Electronics, True Corporation, Thai AirAsia X, Unilever Thai, and Mindshare.
Wichai Pronpratang, vice president for information technology and mobile communications at Thai Samsung Electronics, said YouTube was the best platform for Samsung describe its innovations to consumers in detail, combining communication with education and entertainment. 
Pathamawan Sathaporn, managing director of Mindshare, said gave brands the opportunity to tell their stories better and engage with consumers. 
Nadda Buranasiri, chief executive officer of Thai AirAsia X, said YouTube would help the airline reach out to its target customers.