Workpoint Creative, Mono29 undaunted

Corporate October 13, 2015 01:00


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ALTHOUGH the industry is likely to face stagnation next year, two leading players in the digital-TV business could still eke out growth thanks to improved ratings and advertising billings.

To lure more viewers, they are exerting greater effort to creating and providing local television content and sports coverage. 
Workpoint Creative TV, run by content producer Workpoint Entertainment, aims to add more Thai TV series, volleyball tournaments, boxing matches and branded content for next year’s programme line-up.
Chalakorn Panyashom, an executive vice president for business television and special projects, said yesterday that his company had prepared about 10 new dramas for next year’s prime-time slots. 
According to AGB Nielsen, Workpoint’s channel ranks third in the industry and first among the 24 terrestrial-based digital TV channels with an average rating of 0.931 point last month. 
The TV station might consider raising its average airtime rate to Bt45,000-Bt50,000 per minute next year from Bt35,000 now. 
Mono29, a variety digital TV channel, has budgeted Bt800 million to Bt900 million for both foreign and local content to boost its ratings and its advertising and sponsorship income. 
“We are anticipating very good feedback from local audiences after the launch of the channel as an entertainment centre for famous foreign TV series and films last year,” said Navamin Prasopnet, president of Mono Group, the parent of Mono Broadcast, the operator of Mono 29.
About Bt500 million of the budget will be used to acquire new foreign TV series and films from international studios such as Warner Brothers, NBC Universal and Paramount. 
The famous titles are “The Fast and Furious”, “Men in Black”, “Jurassic Park”, “Mission Impossible” and “The Hunger Games”. The company has also partnered with leading local filmmakers. 
Locally produced TV programmes are also a key focus for next year’s strategy, Navamin said. The company has earmarked about Bt150 million for making 18 prime-time TV series for next year. The remaining budget will be allocated for sports and news shows. 
“We want to expand our audience base to rural areas through local TV programmes after securing a stronghold in urban areas with foreign TV content,” he said. 
Mono29 aims for higher TV ratings and a rise of 20-30 per cent in ad revenue year. It will also challenge for the No 3 spot in the industry next year, up from No 5 now. 
It plans to reach Bt1 billion in revenue and its break-even point next year, Navamin said. 

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