Windsor eyes 'home-decor' leadership

Corporate May 08, 2014 00:00


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WINDSOR grew by 6 per cent in its door and window business last quarter while other products grew by 40 per cent.

Windsor is now moving towards becoming the leader of home decor for “comfortable living” by introducing a shading system using a special vinyl innovation.

The company is presenting its “comfortable living” concept at Architect Expo 2014. Its new innovations offer comfort and creativity in today’s lifestyle and its products provide luxurious comfort for homeowners.

Sampan Luveeraphan, vice president of Nawaplastic Co, said yesterday that the company has been the leader in vinyl construction and home decor materials under the Windsor brand for 18 years.

The company constantly strives to create and develop products to meet the lifestyle of today’s consumers and make their home more comfortable. The products must |be in line with people’s ways of life and the climate as much as possible.

The line-up consists of doors, windows, decorative wood panels, flooring, walls, shading, ceilings, rain gutters and other outdoor items.

The special vinyl can withstand the climate and is easy and systematic to use.

“Our special vinyl, Windsor Advance Vinyl, has been designed based on Thailand’s climate with high UV intensity, high temperature and constant rain.

“The weather is very hot and humid, so in order to make our products more durable, we have included special ingredients such as UV and heat stabilisers, impact modifier, premium colour to prevent chapping and fading, and anti-stain,” he said.

Stand-out products

These ingredients help enhance products to make them stand out in the market. The texture is beautiful and glossy, and it does not absorb dirt so it is easy to clean.

The flexibility of the material allows products to be bendable enough to form various shapes. They are resistant to heat, humidity, termites and chemicals and can be used for 15 years. They can be used for a long time without twisting, flaking, breaking and fading, as certified by various organisations.

The new shading system also comes with a snap-fit function, allowing easy installation with just one snap. The shading is fine and stylish, without screw marks on the surface. Two colours are available – white and oak. The system can be transformed into over 100 designs for modern, contemporary and natural styles.

Rungtip Jongsuebchoke, profile product business manager, said the shading helps screen off the sun and improves ventilation in the home, as well as makes the home more beautiful.

Shading is designed as a decorative item to give a modern look to the house. This new system, made from vinyl instead of wood, contains ingredients to help improve the quality. Users can be assured that the shading will not chap, twist, bend or fade. Its durability means it offers better value for the money because there is no need to worry about maintenance fees.

This year, Windsor will focus on retaining its core customers, which are developers, but will also expand its retail customers who are homeowners and constructors. It has over 30 representative offices as well as modern trade channels, allowing it to service customers nationwide.

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