Unilever's networking system drops 'Aviance' name

Economy September 17, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Unilever, one of the world's leading consumer-goods companies, has renamed its direct-sales networking system from Aviance Networking to simply Unilever Network.

In Thailand, the new name became effective on September 1, and will be fully integrated in Malaysia and Cambodia next month. 
“For more than a decade, Aviance under the administration of Unilever has been flourishing among Thai network-marketing businesses with excellent products, dedication and enthusiastic business associates,” said Bauke Rouwers, chairman of the Unilever Group of Companies in Thailand and other countries in the region. 
“So now it’s time for a firmer step towards a brighter future in the global arena. For easier and more rapid international growth, we have decided to rename our networking ‘Unilever Network’, since our long-established Unilever name is trusted everywhere.  
“Our products have touched so many people’s lives, the renamed Unilever Network will be internationally recognised. 
“Unilever will support the networking business, which comprises working systems, administration, organisation management, and training as well as new innovations including the latest formulations of the new concept ‘complete in-and-out ultimate beauty’ for products with the same ingredients with which consumers will get comprehensive skincare. 
“However, the key measurement in terms of global success for the Unilever Network is not only do something different or make new innovations, but to embed sustainability in business with outstanding performance,” Rouwers said.
Suchada Theeravachirakul, president of Unilever Network and Unilever Thai Trading, said: “We set out a plan to help us double the size of our business by increasing the number of members and consumers as well as expand product lines. The company also has seen various growth opportunities, especially through digital marketing to reach potential customers. 
“Now our premium products are divided into four categories, namely Aviance – skincare and personal care; Vitality – nutrition and dietary supplements; i Fresh – oral care; and Lever Home – home care.  
“With the presence of five outstanding potential factors – local growth, global growth, product excellence, income growth and personal development – Unilever Network is confident of positioning ourselves for sustainable growth and the highest growth potential among networking businesses. 
“The first [factor] is local growth. As a global leader in world-class innovations and premium-quality products, Unilever has broadened its customer base and Unilever Network business associates.” 
The second factor, global growth, entails the strengthening of Unilever’s worldwide market base through the successful integration of the Unilever Network to branch out internationally with borderless opportunities for business associates. 
“Our 2020 vision for Unilever Network set the stage of fulfilling experiences in every aspect of the lives to 3 billion people around the globe,” she said. 
On the product-excellence factor, “We are confident with our innovation excellence and outstanding products for global consumers through annual investment of 1 billion euros in research and development.” This R&D is carried out by more than 6,000 laboratory technologists and expertise in 129 state-of-the-art facilities. 
On income growth, “The finest, naturally sustainable i12 compensation plan promises earnings from business performance with additional earnings from the global network.”  
The last is personal development, based on Unilever’s philosophy “if we want people to take care of business, we have take care of our people first”.  
The Unilever Network Academy was founded as a learning centre with emphasis on personal development including skills, leadership and character. 
Unilever Network’s Thailand office is the headquarters for global networking and the management structure. The management team has remained unchanged.