US firm to distribute software applications here through nForce

Corporate June 19, 2014 00:00


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AppDynamics has named nForce Security Systems as the distributor of its software applications in Thailand. The firm this year will also focus on Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.

David Schwickerath, director of international sales at AppDynamics, a US-based software-application company, said nForce would distribute its adaptive solutions to analyse and optimise digital business performance in real time in the Thai market.

The firm now provides an Application Intelligence Platform, which has the ability to manage complex software environments proactively through real-time monitoring and insights, and to automate the resolution of problems. Modern applications require a robust performance-management solution to discover, map and monitor the environment to spot and correct potential glitches before they arise.

The firm says it also provides real-time access to every aspect of application performance, through which businesses see the impact of performance issues in real time, enabling them to anticipate problems and resolve them quickly, thereby reducing the cost of performance incidents to the business. As a result, application support teams can tie the performance of the app to the performance of the business itself.

Schwickerath said he expected the Asia-Pacific market, including Thailand, to continue to grow.

“The firm last year had revenue from the Asia-Pacific market at US$2 million, and by the end of this year expects to gain revenue in this region of around $20 million via our business partners.”

He said that as a distributor, nForce would take care of marketing, technical support and customer service.

“We this year will focus our business on Singapore, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. We plan to help companies in the region optimise performance and customer experience via AppDynamics robust application intelligence. It has around five customers in Thailand,” he said.

Nakrop Niamnamtham, managing director of nForce Security Systems, said the firm would provide AppDynamics’s software applications, focusing on banking and financial businesses, and expected to gain more than 15 new customers by the end of this year.

The firm also has seven certified partners to provide the software applications to the market.

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