True IDC Chromebook launched in Thailand

Corporate June 06, 2015 01:00


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GOOGLE and True Internet Data Centre yesterday launched the "True IDC Chromebook". Harry Kwa, head of enterprise education, Google Asia-Pacific, said Google had officially launched the Chromebook in 38 countries. Thailand is No 39, as Google and True IDC

With Google Apps, Chromebook is very useful for education, Google says. Google Drive offers schools unlimited access to the cloud and, importantly, it is free.
In Malaysia, Google Apps and Chromebooks have been deployed in schools throughout the country, where improvements in both students’ learning and teachers’ teaching have been reported. In Thailand, Google has been working with schools to move student and teacher away from chalk and blackboard and pencil and paper to cloud-based learning with Chromebook. 
“Now, we would like to launch Chromebooks for business in Thailand. Businesses in Thailand can benefit from Chromebook as education has done,” Kwa said.
Google says the Chromebook gives users a new way of computing. It is a simple, fast and affordable device, starting up in less than eight seconds. 
The True IDC Chromebook is now available at Bt8,990 at with free delivery in three to seven working days.
Thanasorn Jaidee, general manager of True IDC, said target customers included the education, commercial and consumer sectors. 
The company will approach the education market through partners, while approaching enterprises through True Corp and system-integrator partners. It will approach the consumer market through its online shop, 
The True IDC Chromebook comes with a light weight of 1.15 kilograms and features Google’s comprehensive services, including a wide range of Google Apps and 100 gigabytes of Google Drive Cloud Storage free for two years. 
For now, the company offers only one model of True IDC Chromebook, which comes with 16GB of storage and an 11.6-inch LCD (liquid crystal) display. It supports Bluetooth and has two USB ports, an SD/MMC slot, HDMI connectivity, and a 720p high-definition camera.
“We [are marketing] the True IDC Chromebook as a cloud device that is able to replace the personal computer, because we believe that there is no longer need to store information on the device – instead, it is on the cloud,” Thanasorn said.
True IDC offers one-stop Internet data centre and cloud services. The True IDC Chromebook is being offered as a strategy to encourage customers to go cloud-computing.
True IDC forecasts revenue this year of Bt750 million, up 50 per cent from last year. Cloud service provides around 10-15 per cent of total revenue; within two years, that proportion is targeted at 50 per cent, with the True IDC Chromebook as an enabler, Thanasorn said.
Currently, the company has around 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises among its customers, of which around 100,000 are active. It says this group of customers will benefit from the True IDC Chromebook because it costs a third as much as a typical PC.
He said the company would install an additional 500 racks at its main Muang Thong Internet data centre, for a total of 1,500 racks, this year. It plans to invest in a third-tier Internet data centre with capacity of 400-800 racks in the first phase in eastern Bangkok. 
“Meanwhile, the second site is located at True Tower with capacity of 400 racks,” he said.

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