The goal: A better tomorrow

Economy August 04, 2014 01:00


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The 2013-14 English Premier League season is over, and left CTH with only 340,000 subscribers.

Last year, CTH appeared to be a rising star after winning the broadcasting rights to three EPL seasons for Bt12.2 billion. But it suffered a more than Bt4-billion accumulated loss with Bt730 million in revenue.
After this unsatisfactory result, its chief executive officer Kittsanan Ngamphathipong disappeared, while Chirdsak Kukiattinun emerged as chairman of the executive committee early this year. He faced a big challenge: huge investment but low return. What does the new head of the company think about this? 
“I’m never going back; the past is in the past!” Chirdsak said, echoing lyrics from the original soundtrack of the animated film Frozen. He also promised a better tomorrow for the company. Speaking of tomorrow, does he want to be a winner again in the next round of bidding for the EPL rights? 
He declined to answer but sang the Thai song “Jerb Ni Ik Naan” (This Is Long-Suffering).
How so? he was asked.
But he only laughed.
While his family’s B2 Boutique and Budget Hotels chain has expanded from its Chiang Mai origin to more than 20 branches across the country, Pichai Chawla has not yet taken the business overseas. But the Thai businessman of Indian origin has made his name known outside Thailand with his book “Get Rich through Real Estate without Using Money”, published in India by Pentagon Press in May. 
The book, which has been a best-seller in Thailand, will also be made available in Britain shortly by Austin Macauley Publishers.
Thai-language readers will have to wait a little while, as Pichai has just finished writing his latest book, which will compare his “Interest System Theory” of stock investment and the “value investing” (VI) method. His newest Thai-language book is scheduled to come out in the first week of September.