Thai travellers most technology-dependent worldwide

Economy August 14, 2014 01:00

By The Nation

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Asian nations are the most attached to mobile devices, according to a Global survey, with Thailand coming in first in the world.

A huge majority – 85 per cent – of Thai travellers admitted to being inseparable from their devices. South Korea trailed close behind in second with 78 per cent, followed by Japan and China.

Singaporean travellers ranked fifth worldwide among those least willing to give up their mobile devices even while holidaying, according the global survey released last week of 2,495 respondents in 28 countries in July.

For more than one in five Singaporeans surveyed, the thought of going on a holiday without their beloved gadgets would actually make them “break into a cold sweat”.

The study explored the nations that find it most difficult to achieve the ever-important work-life balance and switch off when holidaying.

When it comes to which countries are most likely to exaggerate their holiday experiences, China came out on top, with 67 per cent of respondents likely to lie to friends and family when returning home.

Close behind were Germany and South Korea in admitting they would embellish a story to impress others. Singapore came in 11th, with just a third admitting to bragging about their adventures. Thailand was fifth at 46 per cent.

“Going away on holiday should be a time to take stock and unwind,” Zoe Chan of said. “Although smartphones do have their plus points while on leave from work, such as using them to check the weather or view maps, it seems travellers can afford to switch off a little more and really disconnect.” is an online accommodation-booking website with nearly 325,000 properties around the world, ranging from international chains and all-inclusive resorts to local favourites and bed and breakfasts.