TCC offers staff chance to stay on during renovation

Corporate July 31, 2014 00:00

By Suchat Sritama

The Nation

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TCC Hotel Group, the owner of Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, has affirmed that it will keep staff on at full salary within the group during the property's two-year closure for renovation, while offering compensation packages for those who want to leave.

Prapansak Bhatayanond, deputy CEO (Hotel Group) of TCC Holding, yesterday said the group would continue employing staff and would also pay them full salary during the upcoming two-year closure period.

Meanwhile, it is offering a "leaving compensation" option for those employees who want to go while the renovation work is being undertaken.

"We are maintaining our policy of keeping our staff with the hotel group. They can stay with us and receive full pay as usual, and all welfare, during the hotel’s renovation," he said.

The hotel is scheduled to close for major renovation work, which commences in October.

It should reopen in late 2016 or early 2017 under a new management company, and will probably be renamed the Bangkok Marriott Queen’s Park Hotel, he said.

Prapansak said employees who wanted to stay with the group would be transferred to work at TCC group companies located in Bangkok, so that they avoided heavy travelling expenses. Staff members currently earning below Bt15,000 per month will have their salary automatically adjusted to Bt15,000, excluding service charge and meals, he added. When the hotel resumes operations in two years’ time, staff will be required to reapply for positions and be interviewed before joining the new chain. However, anyone failing to be re-engaged by the renovated property will remain employees at TCC group and will be relocated to another of its subsidiary firms, he explained.

The group held a jobs fair on July 22 to help those employees wishing to seek employment at other hotels.

"They can choose one of two options – leaving or staying – from today until September 15. At this stage, out of 780 employees, most are likely to leave the company and it is expected we will spend Bt200 million-Bt300 million in compensation," he said.

"The group is offering compensation packages to employees who want to leave, which in fact are higher than other companies in the industry," he added. Staff members with up to nine years of service in the group will receive statutory compensation required under employment law, while those having done 10 years will get 10 times their current monthly salary, and those having put in 11-19 years will get 15 months.

Employees with 20-29 years of service will receive 15.5 times their monthly salary, while those having done 30 years or more will get 16 months. As a major part of the Bt3.5-billion renovation project, TCC will add a large convention centre into the hotel. The new facility is expected to benefit from demand from international markets, and especially for meeting and convention business after the Asean Economic Community comes into effect next year.