Starting licence bid prices set for 900MHz

Economy May 08, 2014 00:00


THE TELECOM committee of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has finalised the starting prices for bidding for the two 900-megahertz spectrum licences on offer at Bt11.26 billion and Bt8.445 billion.

The higher starting price is for the licence featuring a combined 10MHz of bandwidth in the 905MHz-915MHz and 950MHz-960MHz bands.

The lower starting price is for the licence covering a combined 7.5MHz of bandwidth in the 897.5MHz-905MHz and 942.5MHz-950MHz bands.

Telecom panel chairman Settapong Malisuwan yesterday said the starting price per MHz of the 900MHz spectrum was 18 per cent higher than that of the 1,800MHz spectrum. The starting bid price of the 1,800MHz spectrum is 3 per cent higher than that of the 2.1GHz spectrum.

The total starting bid price for the 900MHz bandwidth on offer is Bt563 million per MHz, while it is Bt464 million per MHz for 1,800MHz is and Bt450 million per MHz for 2.1GHz.

The full value of the 900MHz spectrum is Bt804 million per MHz.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, the final winning price of 900MHz licences in Asia-Pacific countries is on average 27 per cent higher than the final price of 1,800MHz licences. However, it is 65 per cent higher in non-Asia-Pacific markets.

The NBTC will auction two licences of the 1,800MHz spectrum in August, and the two 900MHz licences in November. It auctioned three 2.1GHz licences in 2012.

Interested parties can bid for both 900MHz licences at the same time, but the watchdog will not hold the auction if the number of the bidders matches the number of licences.