Siam Yamaha Music seeks to upgrade world image via school programmes

Corporate May 15, 2014 00:00


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SIAM YAMAHA MUSIC CO, after reporting 2013 revenue of Bt1.5 |billion - an increase of more |than 40 per cent in three years - plans this year to become the best in the international music scene, enhancing the image of its Yamaha Music Schools as the Asean

The company yesterday also introduced Burin Boonwisuth, a well-known and talented singer and musician, as its first brand ambassador in 48 years.
Pranapda Phornprapha, president of Siam Yamaha Music, said her company was the true leader in the music business. 
“Our business is divided into two main segments, comprising the import and distribution of Yamaha music and audio-visual instruments from Japan, and music education, managing and supervising Yamaha Music Schools across the country plus coming up with high-standard courses for the schools,” she said. 
“This year, we have a policy to enhance our leading position. |We will focus on changing the image of the schools to be more modern while ensuring the |same standard is applied con-|sistently [to be similar to schools |in 45 other countries] to wel-|come the AEC and to align the growth of the music-school business domestically and internationally.” 
Moreover, the focus is also on supporting incoming students, instructors and courses, which have become much broader as all countries are linked better under the slogan “One Name, One Standard”. 
“We plan to change all of our branches [more than 86 countrywide] to become ‘One Brand, One Standard’ in terms of facilities, services and courses,” Pranapda said.
Instrument sales 
Somshai Suebboonsripong, assistant managing director of Siam Yamaha Music, said reve-|nue last year was Bt1.5 billion, |representing growth of more |than 40 per cent in the past three years. In 2013, 90 per cent of its revenue was from sales of musical instruments and sound systems |and 10 per cent from music education. 
This year, the company has set the target of 5-per-cent growth to Bt1.57 billion in revenue.
The Yamaha Music World-|wide Education System has been consistently developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan and has been used in Yamaha Music Schools in more than 45 countries worldwide. This year, to prepare for the AEC, there is an additional English-language programme taught by instructors recruited from overseas.
There is also a Junior Music 
 Course for kids aged three to six focusing on overall musical knowledge with the help of musical instruments to develop their skills. 
New Yamaha products will be launched throughout the year. They will be marketed through activities that focus on target groups, especially at the regional level, including exhibitions and workshops. 
There will be two new musical-instrument showrooms in Bangkok, |at Central Embassy and the Maneeya Building, in addition to 12 existing |ones, plus improvements to the logistical system and dealer service across Thailand.