Separating the 'men' from the 'boys' of coaching

Economy July 21, 2014 00:00


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THERE’S A SAYING, “We need to separate the “men from the boys”. This can be aptly applied to coaches, as well.

The “boys” here are the short-term coaches who jump into the coaching profession largely due to a sudden surge of interest in it, or purely for the monetary benefits they think this will bring.

The “men” of coaching are the longer-term ones who see beyond monetary interests and other short-term gains for something more inspiring, meaningful and purposeful to make the best of what coaching can do for them and for others. Let me explain.

The “boys” of coaching are a different lot. They take up a coaching programme, complete it and after that put a “big full stop” to their further advancement.

They sit there waiting for something to happen, probably thinking that opportunities will fall into their laps.

When this does not happen, they become disillusioned and everything about coaching is packed up, with no interest in it any longer.

However, there’s another group that pursues the monetary dream only, doing all they can in the name of money. Nothing else matters. They are simply “lone rangers” on a lone mission of reaping as much as they can.

They can be cold blooded and work as recluses, even shunning the coaching community that they grew up in.

The “men” of coaching are also a different lot, too. They went into coaching like those “boys”, but there are many differences. Money is one, but definitely not the main factor they drew them into the coaching profession. They have a bigger vision for themselves.

For one, they leverage on the power of coaching to transform their lives so that they are truly coaches both on the outside and inside. They take on themselves to look out for opportunities where they can constantly be doing coaching.

They are not dreamers, for they know that every opportunity comes through hard work and commitment.

They strive to be better and better coaches all the time. One place they will not miss out on is to be part of a good coaching community, where they can interact with fellow coaches and grow their skills.

They play an active part in its activities, including offering themselves in activities that are designed to “give back to society”, like giving talks or providing coaching community services, in coaching camps where they offer free coaching – and they live with one another to experience living together!

The “men” of coaching are powerful drivers of the coaching profession. The best advertisement they can do for themselves and the profession lies in the lives they live, extolling, embracing and living out every noble coaching value. In this way, people can see the “living coach” in action.

True coaches are therefore close friends of society, as they are not a class above others.

They are always supportive of everyone who has a goal and a strong sense of commitment to go the full length of their life journey. Isn’t such a conviction that separates the “men” from the “boys” of coaching true in all ways?

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