SCG's Myanmar plant to produce 2m tonnes/year

Economy March 14, 2014 00:00

By Khine Kyaw
Myanmar Eleven

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Thailand's Siam Cement Group (SCG) aims to produce nearly 2 million tonnes of cement per year at its new plant in Myanmar, once the US$400-million (Bt13 billion) plant starts operations in 2016.

“Our new plant in the country is expected to produce 5,000 tonnes per day, which is about 2 million tonnes per year,” said Chana Poomee, country director of SCG in Myanmar.
“We see a lot of potential in Myanmar because we consider it an Asean mid-land. There are very good opportunities here. We believe in the future of Myanmar. So we’ve decided to invest,” he said.
He noted that construction had progressed well, with full support from the government and Mon State. 
A new 20-kilometre road is being constructed while the company also repairs many roads in the state. 
The SCG country director also emphasised that the company had launched a number of corporate social-responsibility activities to improve the lives of people in Myanmar, which include public health and medical programmes, educational support for students and community-building activities. The firm’s CSR activities also include building new schools near the factory, mobile clinics that will provide medical services to the people, and renovation of pagodas in Mon State.
“We hope to be able to improve the livelihoods of people in Myanmar through economic, social and environmental development, just as SCG is doing in the markets it operates in,” Chana said.
He added that the local residents were satisfied with the implementation of the new cement plant.
“It took a long time for us to discuss [the project] with the government and the people. I am sure the local people will be satisfied with our plant thanks to our community-building programmes, which will be beneficial to all of them.”
In recent months, the firm has begun engaging with the communities around the plant site to inform them about the planned developments.
“We will introduce environmentally friendly technology such as waste-heat power generation and greenhouse-gas reduction. It may be better than our plant in Thailand because up-to-date technology will be used in this plant,” Chana said. 
SCG hosted its annual “SCG Build with Pride” event in Yangon on Wednesday and yesterday to commemorate its 100th anniversary and showcase its continued contribution in Asean and Myanmar. At the event, the firm launched the new packaging of its cement products, moving from using the “elephant” logo to clearly identifiable “SCG” branding.
 The exhibition included a background of the firm’s history and milestones as well as booths showcasing the new application and use of SCG Smartboard, SCG Smartwood and SCG Roof products.
At the event, the firm’s Myanmar chief said: “This celebration has allowed us to show our strong commitment to contribute to the development of Myanmar and enhance the quality of life for the local community. The event also reinforces our position as an expert manufacturer and solidifying the SCG brand in Asean this year.”
With more than 200 companies under its umbrella and about 49,000 employees, SCG has been exporting construction materials to Myanmar for more than 20 years.